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Create a festive cheeseboard using Butlers cheeses

Butlers Farmhouse Cheese, handmade in Lancashire for more than 90 years
Butlers Farmhouse Cheese, handmade in Lancashire for more than 90 years

Butlers have been making cheese near Preston since 1932. The fourth generation of the family is now at the helm and these are 10 of their best for your festive cheeseboard

BLACKSTICKS – Butlers’ flagship cheese and multi-award winner, Blacksticks Blue is deliciously creamy and smooth with a bit of a bite. For something a bit different, try it with a ginger biscuit or a milk chocolate digestive.

TROTTER HILL – Trotter Hill is a rich Lancashire cheese, matured for at least 12 months to create a golden hue and open texture that is buttery and tangy.

ROTHBURY RED – Rothbury Red is an authentic Red Leicester that is bright and has outstanding flavours that are sweet, creamy and tangy with just a little nuttiness for balance.

BUTTON MILL – This cheese is made individually in small batches and has a soft, creamy centre and a thin, chewy white rind which is just as delicious as the savoury squidgy middle.

KIDDERTON ASH – A silky-smooth and multi award-winning goat's cheese made with milk from the Butlers’ herd at the farm down the road from the dairy. Each cheese is coated and matured with ash for a distinctive finish that is furry and speckled.

FIRECRACKER – A spicy farmhouse Red Leicester that works well on a cracker with chutney and is also perfect for cheese on toast.

GOOSNARGH GOLD – A bright, buttery and mellow Double Gloucester. Matured for five months, it has character, an amazing texture and smoothness like nothing else.

PARLICK – A ewe’s milk alternative to cow’s milk Cheddar with a slightly soft texture and a rich, creamy and nutty flavour. Leave it out for at least an hour before eating to release the flavours.

THIS IS PROPER CHEDDAR – A no-nonsense, straight-forward Cheddar that does exactly what it says on the label. Superb with a tangy chutney or red onion marmalade.

BEACON BLUE – An award-winning blue goat’s cheese with a smooth creamy texture and a moreish peppery tang. For something truly indulgent, slice open a fig, pop small cubes of Beacon Blue inside and bake until the cheese starts to melt.

* Butler’s cheeses are available in supermarkets including Booths, independent retailers and from their online shop. To see the full range and find out more, go to


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