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Meet David Moore, founder of the Pendle Witch Distillery

David Moore <i>(Image: Pendle Witch Distillery)</i>
David Moore (Image: Pendle Witch Distillery)

David Moore is the 53-year-old director owner of the recently launched Pendle Witch Distillery, based in Waddington. What started as a hobby for the 53-year-old, is now a burgeoning business that marries his love of the area’s rich history ad natural beauty with superb whisky, which is distilled in witch’s hat shaped stills – only two in the world have this design.

‘It started as an interest, just after my father passed away, says David. ‘It was something we talked about doing but unfortunately time was not on our side. It was shortly after my father’s death I purchased a small copper pot still. I developed the witch’s hat on our stills which made the name Pendle Witch distillery come to life.’

First dish/drink you learned to cook/make?

Full English breakfast.

Most vivid childhood food memory?

Sunday dinner – it was (and still is) a major part of home life with the family.

Most memorable meal out?

My first asado in Argentina.

Favourite ingredient?


Your go-to snack?


If you weren't running Pendle Witch Distillery, what would you be doing?

Fly fishing somewhere remote in the world. It is a passion of mine looking for the hidden places to discover fish.

What's your guilty food pleasure?

Pizza with everything on.

Who are your Lancashire food and drink heroes?

Daniel Thwaites brewery – it is great beer.

A hospitality industry person who inspires?

James Martin seems a great guy and prepares food in a straightforward way.

A place you love to eat/drink?

This is easy one to answer – Cabana Las Lilas in Buenos Aires

What has been a career highlight?

Being asked to talk about whisky at the East India Club in London

What's next for you and Pendle Witch Distillery?

Pendle Witch Distillery is a developing company with lots to do, I want to put English whisky on the map.

What does Christmas mean for you?

Christmas is always generally a busy time for me and the family due to business commitments.

But Christmas day is sacredly put towards the whole family gathering at our home for lunch.

My favourite drink

‘Straight whisky with a small drop of water,’ says David.


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