10 things to do in the garden during March

Potato crop

First and second earlies can be planted out now in containers or bags which are easy to roll up as the shoots grow. Fill with a layer of compost, add the chitted potatoes and then another layer of compost and keep topping up. One of my favourites is Wilja which scored highly in our tests for its quality and flavour.

All set

Depending on the weather, onion and shallot sets can also go in the ground or containers now. They’ll be good to harvest from late June to early July when the leaves start to turn yellow.

Life is sweet

March is a good time to sow sweet peas outside. Position two 6ft poles with string tied between them at the bottom and you can wrap the string further up the pole as they start to grow and fill the garden with their beautiful scent.

Summer blooms

It’s not too early to start thinking about summer flowering bulbs. Dahlias, begonias, gladioli and lilies can be planted in containers. Position them in a warm and light spot and keep an eye on when they need watering.

Cover up

Mulch your borders now to improve your soil for spring. Adding a deep layer of organic matter will upgrade your soil quality and also help with drainage, especially if you live in a new build.

Great British Life: Look out for black spots on the leaves of hellebores. Look out for black spots on the leaves of hellebores. (Image: Getty Images)

Winter wonders

Hellebores are still looking very good right now. Just keep an eye out on the leaves for black spots especially if the leaves are touching the ground. Remove the leaves which will also help to expose the plant.

Divide perennials

It’s a great time to divide and lift perennials. This is such a good and cost effective way to make the most of your garden. For instance, a big root of a Japanese anemone might get four plants out of it. Lifting out is also the perfect opportunity to remove pesky couch grass.

Feeding time

Start feeding pots and borders with Vitax Q4 now and you’ll be rewarded with bigger, brighter blooms and a bumper crop in the year ahead.

Cut back

If you’ve not done it yet, cut back your ornamental grasses to make way for new growth. It’s best to get it done before fresh shoots appear.

Weather watch

March might be the first month of meteorological spring but as we all know the British weather can be very unpredictable. Snow, frost, hail, gale force winds – anything is possible! So, while it’s tempting to get stuck in, it’s always safer to check the forecast before you do anything.

Great British Life: Viburnam is a versatile addition to a garden and is great for bees and birds. Viburnam is a versatile addition to a garden and is great for bees and birds. (Image: Getty Images)

Plant of the month: Viburman tinus

This hardy evergreen shrub will be bursting with lovely white flowers in spring which will encourage bees early on. In winter, their small black berries are a welcome treat for birds. Viburnum can tolerate shade and sun, making them a very versatile addition to any garden.