A cat who saved its owner's life has been named among the 12 finalists at the National Cat Awards.

The awards are run by Cats Protection and will cats in four categories: Cat Colleagues, Family Fur-ever, Moggy Marvels and Social Star.

Some of the finalists included an cat who provides companionship to gardeners at Hampton Court Palace, and a mog who was rescued after becoming marooned in a river.

Plus, there is one feline friend who saved its diabetic owner's life. Amanda Jameson lost consciousness after going to bed one night with dangerously low blood sugar.

Meet the heroic Willow the cat who saved their owner's life

Great British Life:

Willow the cat’s actions proved to be crucial, biting the leg of her partner Ray Sherwood, 57, who had fallen asleep in front of the television, and pacing around to wake him up.

The feline then led Ray upstairs where he found Amanda unresponsive and called for an ambulance.

“I had fallen asleep in front of the TV and then around 4am, I was woken by Willow biting at my legs and jumping at me,” said Mr Sherwood.

“It was very out of character for her and made me get up to see what all the fuss was about. She was running between me and the stairs, looking back at me. I followed her up the stairs and she kept looking back at me to make sure I was coming.

Great British Life:

“When I went into the bedroom, Willow leapt onto the bed, and I could see Amanda slumped over. She was unresponsive and I called an ambulance straight away. She was very unwell and rushed to hospital where, fortunately, they were able to treat her.

“I was absolutely stunned – Willow had saved her life. She’s an incredible cat, a total hero.”

Ms Jameson added: “I was told I was very close to falling into a diabetic coma, and then the outlook could have been very bad for me.

“Willow is amazing, I just think she’s incredible. Since I came home from hospital, she has become very protective of me. I’ve noticed how she puts her nose to my mouth a lot, I think she’s checking I’m breathing.”

Great British Life:

Willow has been included in the Moggy Marvels category, alongside Dali, a cat who was missing for a month before being found marooned on a small patch of rocks in the Bradford Beck river, and Beau, who supports her owner David, who was diagnosed with incurable blood cancer.

The public will have until June 30 to vote for their favourites in each category, with the winners set to receive a trophy, a £200 pet store voucher and a year’s subscription to Cat Protections The Cat magazine.

The winners, along with the National Cat of the Year, will be announced during a ceremony at Wilton’s Music Hall on July 17, hosted by writer and TV presenter Dawn O’Porter.