Channel 4 property expert has urged Brits not to forget this one 'overlooked' detail that can help you sell your house quickly.

Property guru and co-host of Location, Location, Location, Phil Spencer, has teamed up with Wickes to share his top tips on adding value to your home. 

Whether you're looking to sell up or you're just getting it ready for when the time is right, Phil has emphasised that the "most simple and cost-effective way to help sell your home" is to give it a good clean.

The expert advises keeping your home clutter-free - especially the hall and entrance areas - if you want to secure that all-important asking price.

Phil Spencer said: “Cleaning your home before your viewings start may seem obvious but it is very often overlooked, and it can massively help to improve the chances of getting buyers to make an offer on your home.

"Deep cleaning surfaces, bathrooms, kitchens and windows, both inside and out, will help your home look its best.  

“First impressions count, and the entrance and hall are the first opportunity you have to wow potential buyers.

"Create a flowing walkway by ensuring shoes and coats are tidied, dog leads etc are put away. If a pet lives in the home, lingering smells may not be noticeable to you, but this is often something a prospective buyer will pick up on straight away.

"To keep any unwanted scents at bay, open windows prior to viewings to air rooms and light candles or use diffusers to combat any remaining smells.

"For a longer-term solution, make sure pet beds are washed regularly to stop any smells before they take hold”. 

Ten top tips for adding value to your home

Partnered with Wickes, Phil Spencer has provided his ten top tips for sprucing and adding value to your house:

1. First impressions count 

Adding some ‘kerb appeal’ to the outside of your home will ensure it looks its best in those all-important photos.

The way a home looks from the front sets the tone for what’s inside, so don’t hold back on refreshing the colour of the door, repairing the fence or even adding some feature lighting.  

2. Make it energy efficient 

As energy bills continue to remain high, your homes EPC rating could be a key factor in the decision-making of potential buyers as a low rating could be the difference between matching your asking price or making a lower offer.  

 For this reason, it’s important to actively seek to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Installing wall and floor insulation, changing light bulbs, using low-flow showerheads, and adding reflective radiator panels are all ways to increase energy efficiency and improve the EPC rating of your home.

Merely moving from a D to a C rating can add £9,003 to a property’s value2. The Wickes Interactive Energy Saving House also provides tips on how to increase energy efficiency, room by room. 

3. ​​The kitchen IS the hub of the home 

A new kitchen not only benefits you, but it can be a key selling point when it comes to putting your house on the market, adding between 5 -15% to a home’s value, depending on size, storage, and appliances.

Breathe new life into a kitchen for just £1,000 with Wickes Lifestyle Kitchens - a stylish range of good quality, affordable kitchens, designed for convenience and easy self-assembly.  

 4. Bathroom refresh  

Bathrooms face a lot of wear and tear if not properly maintained. For a fresh new look without the hefty price tag, refresh silicone around the bath and shower area,  replace old tiles or simply regrout to brighten up the room.

A new bathroom can add up to 5% to the overall value, and small tricks like regrouting cost on average of £3804. 

5. Rewiring, replumbing  

Older properties might be crying out for their systems to be updated. Since this is a disruptive job, only carry it out before taking on any redecoration work.

It might just be a good excuse to replaster the walls afterwards. 

6. Redecorate  

Outdated colour schemes, peeling paintwork and damaged walls simply won’t go down well when it comes to future buyers.

A painting and decorating job will go a long way in helping brighten and modernise your home.  

7. Add storage space 

You don’t have to have a large property to be clever with the space. Built-in storage removes the need for bulky furniture and helps make better use of existing space.

Commonly found in period properties, alcoves provide endless opportunities for storage.

Showing how buyers could utilise the space, transform it into a cosy reading area with shelving or use cupboards and shelving to create a bar area. Alternatively, Wickes offers a wide range of smart storage solutions to help keep clutter at bay.  x

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8. Smart technology 

Thermostats, security systems, doorbells… Technology can help you conserve energy and increase security – as well as stay on-trend. 

9. Period features 

It’s not all about modernising, period features have their appeal, particularly when it comes to the architecture of the property.

Conserving or bringing these to life could help your home stand out from the crowd and give it some charm. 

10. Create more natural light 

Sometimes, it’s not about major building work, but making the most of what you have. Natural light is a major selling point and something potential buyers will notice straight away.

Helping homes feel brighter and airier, maximise light with ceiling windows and make sure no furniture is blocking a window.

When painting a room, choosing lighter shades will help reflect any natural light creating the illusion of a bigger space.