Mood enhancing and uplifting, when it comes to stirring the senses, there’s nothing like the smell of Christmas.

And while fragrance is powerfully emotive all year round, it’s especially impactful this time of year when treasured experiences are in abundance, says Jennifer Genson, R&D director of fragrance & sensory science at Newell Brands, which include WoodWick and Yankee Candle.

“Memory is intrinsically linked to scent, so inviting fragrance into the home during the festive season helps to elevate the everyday,” suggests Genson. “And gives those cherished moments a more lasting impact.”

Whether it’s cinnamon, peppermint and cloves, or vanilla, sugar and gingerbread, there’s nothing more heart-warming than the scents of Christmas, notes Robin Fisher, product development manager at ARRAN Sense of Scotland.

“Heavily linked to core memories, scents can evoke powerful feelings of nostalgia – and festive aromas are no exception,” he adds.

To introduce these key elements, experts share their top tips to create a Christmas scented wonderland…

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The entrance hall

“Some people prefer to have a signature scent for their whole home, but others like to mix it up with different fragrances in different rooms,” suggests Fisher.

“When it comes to festive scents, having something warm and welcoming in the hallway will make guests feel special the moment they come in.”

Comforting, nostalgic scents like cinnamon and nutmeg instantly say Christmas, says Fisher, and set the tone for guests.

Genson agrees: “Welcoming guests into a candlelit home with the nostalgic, warming scents of the season is the perfect way to set the scene.”

For a cabincore aesthetic, Genson suggests sweet and woody incense-like aromas composed of mahogany, lemon and golden amber notes, to give the home an extra layer of indulgence.

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The kitchen

Since the kitchen is always a key space for social gatherings, creating a pleasant, scented environment is a lovely idea, says Fisher.

“However, room fragrance doesn’t always need to come from scented products. Creating festive feels with cooking scents like gingerbread, vanilla or herbs like eucalyptus can work a treat.”

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The living space

“As we all know, the dining table is the focal point of the main event and candles are the perfect way set a festive stage,” says Genson.

Ideally, you don’t want anything too tall, or that’s going to be too overpowering when you’re entertaining and bringing out the fizz and canapés.

“Subtle choices are best here,” she says. “You want the candle’s design and scent to blend into your tablescape and evoke a luxurious ambience.”

This is where incense and myrrh is a great choice for any seasonal tablescape, says Genson, and instantly creates an effortlessly beautiful atmosphere.

Great British Life: Christmas Trio Collection, £25, Little Village CandlesChristmas Trio Collection, £25, Little Village Candles (Image: Little Village Candles/PA)

The guest bathroom

“When it comes to the bathroom, fresher, sharper scents are more suited,” says Fisher. “So perhaps a peppermint or eucalyptus-based fragrance would work better, but still give a distinct festive feel.”

Great British Life:  Christmas Eve Smelly Reed Diffuser, £29, Loaf Christmas Eve Smelly Reed Diffuser, £29, Loaf (Image: Loaf/PA)

What products to choose?

Different home fragrance products like candles, reed diffusers and room sprays can have varied impact on areas of the home, highlights Fisher, depending on your desired strength of scent – and size of room.

For an all-day scent, Fisher suggests reed diffusers. “A great way to subtly scent an area 24/7. Aesthetically they can also really add to the look and feel of room décor.”

He continues: “Diffusers are great in smaller spaces such as bathrooms and hallways, bringing a burst of fragrance.”

“Place high up and in an open space to take advantage of the air flow, and keep out of direct sunlight and heat to avoid oils evaporating.”

For maximum impact and a continuous scent, he says to turn the reeds every few days.

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For a quick fragrance fix

“Room sprays are a great way to scent up areas of the home before guests arrive,” says Fisher. “And a great way to fill a space with your chosen scent for a shorter period of time.”

Especially if you prefer a milder aroma, this is a great way to add a subtle hint of festive fragrance, he adds.

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Hand soap is one of Santa’s little helpers

“Don’t forget hand soap,” emphasises Fisher. “While this might not strictly be a room fragrance product, it’s an important detail for your guests, and can create delightful Christmas vibes.

“Use a similar scent as your candle or reed diffuser and create memories for your guests as soon as they get a hint of that smell.”