A joyous, uplifting shade, even the name is playful… Pantone’s Peach Fuzz is sure to be a big hit in the world of interiors.

Cited by the Pantone Colour Institute as ‘a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul,’ this pastel hue is described as ‘a colour radiant with warmth and modern elegance’.

According to the Pantone pros, it’s ‘a shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless’ – a far cry from jewel tones in past Colours of the Year, such as 2023’s Viva Magenta.

Great British Life: Pantone Colour of the Year 2024 Peach FuzzPantone Colour of the Year 2024 Peach Fuzz (Image: Alamy/PA)

“One thing I love about Peach Fuzz is that, although it’s a calming and connecting shade, it also plays perfectly into having fun with your interiors,” says Lucy Mather, design expert from home furnishings retailer Arighi Bianchi.

For me, it’s about using this colour in an unexpected way, and choosing accessories and furniture that make you smile or take a second look.”

As Mather points out, accessories in shades of peach that make you smile and express your personality will give your home an individual finishing touch that feels bang up to date.

Great British Life: Wall Clock Duo Cuckoo, £76.50, Arighi BianchiWall Clock Duo Cuckoo, £76.50, Arighi Bianchi (Image: Arighi Bianchi/PA)Great British Life: So Home Textured Apricot Squares Table Lamp, £116.10 , La Redoute. So Home Textured Apricot Squares Table Lamp, £116.10 , La Redoute. (Image: La Redoute/PA)

“I’m predicting smaller accessories like clocks, lamps, cushions, candles, artwork, etc, in shades of peach will be everywhere in 2024 – I love the sense of joy and playfulness they bring,” enthuses Mather.

It also harks back to the nostalgic vibe associated with retro pastel colours, suggests Mather, which has made a significant comeback in interior design: “Remember the retro peach bathroom suite anyone? And Peach Fuzz beautifully embodies this trend.”

Resonating with memories of vintage aesthetics, while seamlessly integrating with contemporary design elements, she says to unite this look: “Combine deep mahogany wood tones and natural timbers which work really well with the warmth of peach as an accent colour.”

Daniel Prendergast, managing director at The Rug Seller, is also a fan. “Peach Fuzz boasts incredible versatility. Its adaptability allows seamless integration into many current design schemes and trends, eliminating the necessity for a full-scale redesign.”

He suggests complementing this shade with other trending colours such as terracotta, rich reds and khaki greens. “All popular hues for homes in 2024. This will also add some depth to the shade and create a sophisticated, more [gender-neutral] look.”

For example, bold florals which layer shades of peach against a deeper colour palette makes a real statement in a hallway or living area, says Prendergast.

Great British Life: Made-to-measure Roller Blind, from £68, Apollo BlindsMade-to-measure Roller Blind, from £68, Apollo Blinds (Image: Apollo Blinds/PA)Great British Life: Bachelor's Buttons Dark Peach Fuzz Pink Fringing William Morris Cushion, from £47.29, We Love Cushions. Bachelor's Buttons Dark Peach Fuzz Pink Fringing William Morris Cushion, from £47.29, We Love Cushions. (Image: We Love Cushions/PA)

“This gives the biophilic trend (which is still predicted to be huge for 2024) a modern update, and uses peach in a way that showcases its versatility.

“Or teaming it with warmer, more retro-inspired designs and colours, such as terracotta or rich earth tones will give you a 2024 take on the nostalgia trend,” he adds.

Furthermore, because this pretty pastel is far more subtle than previous contenders, such as 2022’s Very Peri (a periwinkle blue), you’ll find it’s much easier to work into your current scheme – and the possibilities are endless.

“Thankfully, Peach Fuzz isn’t too alternative,” says Matt Thomas, design director, Apollo Blinds. “It looks fabulous in kitchens, and we predict it will be introduced as a soothing accent in bedrooms.

“For me this is the perfect colour to give an instant update to a kitchen, working alongside door cabinets in white or wood finishes,” suggests Thomas. “It will also complement forest green and blue finishes that have been emerging in the past couple of years as the hero colour for the kitchen.

Great British Life: Origin Petals Peach Wall Mural, from £50.99, (6 Panel (300cm x 240cm), Go Wallpaper.Origin Petals Peach Wall Mural, from £50.99, (6 Panel (300cm x 240cm), Go Wallpaper. (Image: Go Wallpaper/PA)Great British Life: Trailing Wisteria Peach, £182.50 per mural, Ohpopsi.Trailing Wisteria Peach, £182.50 per mural, Ohpopsi. (Image: Ohpopsi/PA)

“A colour injection at kitchen windows can totally transform a room – so why not with Peach Fuzz!”

Furthermore, in terms of aesthetics, he says the softness of peach can instantly add a touch of sophistication and modernity to a bedroom. Think blinds, cushions, throws and rugs to style with soft linens and neutrals.

And for an added bonus: “Mid-century style furniture pairs really well with the colour,” highlights Thomas. “Add texture, such as boucle [or velvet] to keep it contemporary.”