The old adage of home is where the heart is really resonates this time of year, with springtime inspiring us to style out our space.

From spring cleaning to a fresh lick of paint, chances are you’re in a mindset of how to make your home that much more inviting and most importantly, the best it can be depending on your budget.

Naturally, you have some favourite finds, from soft furnishings to hand-me-down-decor, but there’s always room for more – and that nagging question at the back of your mind, what’s trending now and should this be influencing your choices?

Great British Life: Scarlette and Stuart DouglasScarlette and Stuart Douglas (Image: Limelight Creative/PA)

“I love clothes and think like my style, when it comes to interiors I’m trying to follow trends less, preferring to choose items that I know I’m more likely to love and keep forever – as you’ll see when I’m on stage at the Ideal Home Show,” says Scarlette Douglas, sibling to Stuart Douglas, TV presenters and property experts (@scarandstu).

“I think your home can, and should, showcase your personality and outlook, so I always advise people to think about what they really like,” says Douglas.

“And how a design feature, piece of furniture or art reflects them and go with these choices, which are likely to be more timeless and liked for longer…. because they’re not just trend-led.”

But while Douglas chooses to focus on what she likes, she’s aware trends do have an influence…

Great British Life: Leopard Print Faux Fur Throw £140, French BedroomLeopard Print Faux Fur Throw £140, French Bedroom (Image: French Bedroom/PA)

Mob wife aesthetic

“See cottage-core, through to Barbie-core, so I’d say to keep an eye out for the ‘mob wife aesthetic’ maximalism,” notes Douglas. “Statement pieces, inspired by the opulence of Eighties gangster’s wives. Ostentatious and in your face, nothing minimal about this trend!”

She says bold prints feed into this look and feel, especially leopard. “Often perceived as a neutral in fashion – soft furnishings like cushions and curtains are a great way into this new mood.”

Great British Life: Flower Press Glastonbury Wallpaper, £85 per roll, Graham & BrownFlower Press Glastonbury Wallpaper, £85 per roll, Graham & Brown (Image: Graham & Brown/PA)

Earthy palette

A return to nature is also emerging, says Douglas. “In colour we’re seeing lots of autumnal earthy tones, brown, orange, amber and crimson are prevalent.”

Great British Life: Ted Baker Brompton Chenille Regent Grande Sofa, Burgundy, £1,799 DFSTed Baker Brompton Chenille Regent Grande Sofa, Burgundy, £1,799 DFS (Image: DFS/PA)

Moody hues

“Dark and atmospheric entire rooms are not as scary as once regarded,” suggests Douglas. “People are becoming more confident in creating a space they love, that reflects their own personality and style… rather than being entirely influenced by influencers.”

Great British Life: There are apps that can help with your home lifeThere are apps that can help with your home life (Image: Alamy/PA)

Silent tech

Calm and tranquil spaces provide a haven for many, in what are unquestionably hectic and heavy times, highlights Douglas. “Advances in technology enable us to do more, much quicker than ever before, so whilst tech’s influence and importance will not decrease, I think we are entering into an era of covert technology.”

“Tech that is smart but quiet and inconspicuous; doesn’t dominate or distract and ultimately enables us to keep clean, inaudible spaces that don’t negatively impact the serenity we seek from the noise of the world outside our homes.”

Great British Life: “If you have a garden with sufficient area, consider building a garden room or summer house as an additional living area.” “If you have a garden with sufficient area, consider building a garden room or summer house as an additional living area.” (Image: The Residence Collection/PA)

Maximising your investment

Beyond key decorative pieces, attention-grabbing extravagance (mob wife trend is the opposite of minimal, barely there) and incorporating other elements into your scheme for a seasonal refresh, Douglas says the duo are often asked how to increase the value of your home…

“It’s no secret, but there are some simple and cost-effective ways of doing so,” advises Douglas.

“Kerb appeal is vital as most buyers will make their minds up on whether a property is for them or not within the initial 30 seconds of first seeing it, so first impressions are everything,” says Douglas.

Great British Life: A freshly painted front door and fresh numbers makes a good first impression.A freshly painted front door and fresh numbers makes a good first impression. (Image: Purlfrost/PA)

“A well-considered front door, potted trees, planters with colourful flowers and well maintained lawn all help. Make the front of your house as attractive and desirable as possible to ensure people want to walk through the door to see inside,” she stresses.

A fresh coat of paint on your walls along with a complete decluttering and a good clean can make your home more appealing, suggests Douglas, giving you the opportunity to receive a higher offer if you decide to sell.

“Space is important in any home, so I would recommend using your current floor plan to think of ways to create more usable areas.”

“For example, if you have a garage it could become a home office for more functional use, freeing up space inside the house.

“If you have a garden with sufficient area, consider building a garden room or summer house as an additional living area.” She continues. “Whilst this might be an expensive option, it will increase the resale value of your home, so should be seen as investing in your property to reap the financial benefits upon its sale.”

Scarlette and Stuart Douglas will be appearing at the Ideal Home Show, on hand to offer lots of top tips, live Q&As and demonstrations throughout the 17-day event, held at Olympia, London (March 22 to April 7).