Meet Dobie and Cece, inseparable friends who are in need of a new family to love them.

It's a new year and you may be looking for a companion in the shape of man's best friend to spend 2022 with. If you are able, adopting is a very rewarding way to find a new family member where you can open your door for an animal who needs a second chance. We have teamed up with PACT Animal Sanctuary near Hingham in Norfolk to introduce you to some of their residents who are sure to steal your heart.

Dobie and Cece

We are delighted to kick off the year by presenting Dobie and Cece, two friends who have recently come into the shelter and are inseparable - two dogs for the price of one! Dobie is a male lurcher/whippet cross and Cece is a female Labrador. Now in their twilight years (Cece is 14 and Dobie is 13), this pair love chilling in their beds but are also always up for a few playful moments before going back for a snooze. Cece in particular loves her toys so it will be very easy to spoil them rotten as they deserve.

Due to their age and needs, the two are looking for a shared home with no other cats or dogs and only children over the age of 12. They are both neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped and have not shown any destructive behaviours - so your sofa cushions are safe.

PACT are desperate to find these two old-timers a family so they can live out their final years in comfort at a very special home. Cece is sadly classed as requiring End of Life care due to her advanced Kidney Disease and Grade 3 Heart Murmur. This means she may only have six months to a year to live which is why it is so important they both find a family soon who can care for them and give them all the love and attention they deserve.

Any rehomer will need to live near PACT so that the dogs can be brought in for regular checks.

Do you think you could adopt Dobie and Cece? If the answer is yes, please contact PACT at with your name, address, and contact number.


People for Animal Care Trust (PACT) was established as a charity in March 1995 and their animal sanctuary is one of the largest in East Anglia. They care for all manner of animals from cats and dogs to hedgehogs. They have a strict 'no kill' policy and have rehomed or released more than 5000 animals over the past 27 years. They are currently home to more than 1600 animals at their sanctuary so you are sure to find your new best friend there.

Explore their website for more animal profiles at and you can also learn how to donate at the same address.