Breakfast at Dunes Café, Waxham Great Barn

All of a sudden the weather forecast perked up and an impromptu trip to the coast was in order.

And first we required a good breakfast to set us up for the day.

So, we headed to Dunes Café at Waxham Great Barn, a short walk away from Horsey beach.

Dunes relocated to Waxham after the much-loved beach café at Winterton was demolished due to erosion. There’s also a sister café at Acle Bridge.

You order at the counter, where there’s a hugely tempting display of cakes, including their renowned cream-filled Norfolk shortcake.

The staff are really friendly – and didn’t mind a bit of dithering and deliberation while we decided what to order.

Coffees were the easy part – a decaf cappuccino, an oat milk flat white and an Americano.

The breakfast menu ranges from the full works, to things on toast and sandwiches, featuring local produce wherever possible.

One friend went for classic beans on toast and another went for the veggie breakfast. And having been welcomed into the café by the delicious smell of sizzling bacon, it had to feature on my order – and I went for a traditional sarnie on white bloomer bread.

Giddy on sunshine and sea air we decided to sit out in the courtyard and we didn’t have long to wait before our food arrived – perfectly cooked and presented.

The star of the show was the veggie breakfast – a panoramic plateful of golden yolked eggs, grilled tomato, a ramekin of beans (a big tick for serving them separately), hash browns, toast and halloumi, which, lucky us, the rest of us got to help out with.