The Waffle House, Norwich

Whether you've lived in Norwich for decades or are just passing through the city, The Waffle House has become a special place in many people's hearts.

Including, as it turns out, one of Hollywood's biggest stars.

None other than Hugh Jackman popped in with his family recently for a 'cheat meal' - and posted the pictures on Instagram.

Jackman lived in the city for a time and his mother still lives in Norfolk - he's also a follower of the Canaries.

'Noooo! I did not share. And I'm not sorry,' he wrote, having got his Wolverine claws into a savoury waffle loaded with bolognese and cheese sauce, followed by a banoffee waffle for dessert.

So, inspired by the Greatest Showman star, a friend and I chose it as the venue for a recent post-work catch-up.

The Waffle House is one of those places where time has stood still - in the best possible way. Friendly staff, lovely surroundings and the best waffles this side of Belgium are guaranteed, just as they were when it opened in St Giles Street back in the 70s.

I didn't need to look at the menu - while I didn't have the excuse of being in training for Deadpool 3 like Hugh, I was going to copy him.

There was more deliberation for my friend - her all-time favourite waffle is the one with garlic mushrooms and cheese sauce. But to mix things up she chose the variation on their 45th anniversary throwback menu which comes with the added extra of maple glazed pulled ham and wholegrain mustard.

Great British Life: A Waffle House classic - its bolognese waffle, which Hugh Jackman recently enjoyed on his 'cheat day' Photo: Emma LeeA Waffle House classic - its bolognese waffle, which Hugh Jackman recently enjoyed on his 'cheat day' Photo: Emma Lee

Good choice, Hugh - the bolognese was rich and full of flavour and I could have happily had a vat of the intensely savoury cheese sauce. My friend was equally happy with her waffle, which was a bit like a deconstructed croque monsieur.

You can't go wrong with the classic combination of bananas, toffee sauce and grated chocolate - but my friend made the winning choice for dessert.

Another thing that the Waffle House is also famed for is its Belgian chocolate mousse. Why not combine the two? And then add a sprinkling of toothsome honeycomb as the finishing touch.

Hugh, if you're reading this, you should definitely try it for your next cheat meal.

Emma Lee

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