There’s nothing quite like waking up next to the sea, especially in some of the coastal hotspots North Yorkshire has to offer.

Whitby is just one of the most popular scenic destinations for Brits to visit, whether it’s stopping off after a trip to Robin Hood’s Bay, to taste award-winning fish or just to climb the 199 steps – the list is endless.

But for residents who live in the Yorkshire seaside town, it means so much more.

Here’s what some people had to say when they spoke to the Express about the place they are lucky enough to call home.

Why do residents think Whitby is one of the best places to live in the UK?

Barry, 53, who runs Stokers Café in the centre of Whitby told the publisher: “I wouldn’t know where to start.

“I mean it’s a beautiful place with a beautiful coastline, very nice friendly town and a lot of history. It’s a beautiful place to live, the history of Whitby, the scenery, the North Yorkshire moors surrounding.”

Marie is 57 and works in The Whitby Shop, she described the historic town as “charming”.

She added: “It’s old and charming and very safe.”

Marie has lived in the town for nine years and explained that the town had “friendly people” and “decent beaches”.

She continued to say: “Everything’s nearby, it’s very pretty and a real calm influence, it gets under your skin.”

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The Magpie Café named among UK's best fish and chip shops

The Magpie Café in Whitby recently featured in the ‘18 of the best fish and chip shops in the UK’ list and has been described as “the quayside queen" by The Times.

Whether you’re after the biggest portion of salty chips or the freshest fish you can find with a side of mushy peas, the town is known for its variety of seafood restaurants.

What did The Times say about The Magpie Café in Whitby?

The reviewer said: “I didn’t want the Magpie to be the best chippy in Whitby yet again.

“Such was my determination to dethrone a restaurant that celebrated its platinum jubilee in 2009 that I sampled fish and chips from four other outlets in the town.

“It was all for nowt, though, because none came close to the quayside queen.

“The wine is terrible, the stairs steep, the floorboards creaky and the rooms like a funfair haunted house, and the restaurant menu is longer than a phone book — more in hope than expectation that someone will order anything but their fabulous beef-dripping fish and chips.

“But maybe one day try the “Woof”. “Is it a dogfish?” ask customers. “No, it’s a catfish,” grin the waitresses — and it’s true. Cod and chips £11.95 (”