Hull boxer turned model Luke Campbell is a big hit in and out of the ring, writes Paul Mackenzie

Great British Life: Luke CampbellLuke Campbell (Image: Steen Sundland)

Hull boxer Luke Campbell faces the biggest fight of his career this month. It’s not the bout at London’s O2 Arena but a battle against bullying inspired by tragic events.

The Olympic gold medallist has been training for months for the fight against Yvan Mendy and he has been working hard out of the ring too.

The 28-year-old, nicknamed Coolhand, will launch Knockout Bullying with Luke Campbell at an event in London this month. The campaign aims to raise awareness about bullying and to boost the confidence of victims.

‘There have been a couple of news stories recently about children near me who have taken their own lives because they were being bullied and that’s heartbreaking,’ he said. ‘I wanted to do something I was passionate about and it must be so horrible for the parents, as well as for the children. I wanted to do something that would build their confidence and give them some support.’

Great British Life: Luke CampbellLuke Campbell (Image: not Archant)

His Knockout Bullying campaign follows the launch in 2014 of a foundation aimed at helping disadvantaged children to realise their potential.

Earlier this year his foundation announced a partnership with Hull College giving students there the chance to receive top quality coaching.

And Luke has also been busy making a name for himself as a model. ‘The modelling came out of the blue,’ he said. ‘I did a photoshoot before the Olympics and a modelling scout saw me. It came out of the blue but since then I’ve done some dabbling here and there.’

It’s a world he has some connections with since his partner Lynsey Kraanen is a professional model and Luke added: ‘It’s good for me, I can do it when I’m not boxing. I felt pretty comfortable on that first shoot, probably because I knew it wasn’t my career and I could be relaxed. I have done lots of shoots and been in lots of magazines.

‘At the end of the day where we’re from we’ll do owt we can earn a living, modelling is just another thing. If you get it right, boxing can be a short career and you can get out of there with everything intact.’

His next bout will on the undercard of the Antony Joshua fight against Dillian Whyte and he said: ‘I’ve just been preparing the best way I can. Boxing is 80% mental and 20% hard work. My training for the fight in December is going well.

‘My goal and dream is to be world champion and each fight is step towards that. On fight day I will relax and do some video analysis of the opponent. It’s a day for chilling and switching off until I get to the venue and then I’ll be in the zone.

‘Alongside the boxing training I’m working with my coach on a 15 year strategy because I know boxing’s not a long term thing and I’m building something so there’s something in place. Knockout Bullying with Luke Campbell will be a massive project and I’m enjoying the modelling.’