Indhu Rubasingham has been appointed the next director of the National Theatre, it has been announced.

The artistic director of London’s Kiln Theatre will join the National Theatre as director designate from spring 2024, officially taking over from Rufus Norris in spring 2025 when his second term ends.

Ms Rubasingham described the opportunity to play a role in the history of the theatre as an “incredible privilege and responsibility” as the National Theatre has been an important part of her life from teenage theatregoer to theatre-maker.

“For me, this is the best job in the world,” she said.

“Theatre has a transformative power – the ability to bring people together through shared experience and storytelling, and nowhere more so than the National.

“I’ve been fortunate to have directed on the National Theatre’s stages and to have witnessed firsthand the commitment, collaboration, brilliance and pride of those who bring the magic to the building, both on stage and off.

“There’s nowhere like it, and it will be a joy to be a part of this iconic building’s next chapter, leading the company alongside Kate.”

Ms Rubasingham will work alongside Kate Varah, who becomes joint chief executive in a co-leadership model.

Great British Life: Indhu Rubasingham and Kate Varrah at the National TheatreIndhu Rubasingham and Kate Varrah at the National Theatre (Image: Antonio Olmos/PA Wire)

She added she is “thrilled” to be following in the footsteps of Mr Norris, and is looking forward to working closely with him as she plans her first season from next year.

It comes after Mr Norris announced in June that he would be stepping down as director, having taken on the role in 2015.

He said: “Indhu is an exceptional artist who I respect and admire hugely, and I am so pleased that she will become the next director when I step down in 2025.

“She has run Kiln Theatre expertly for over a decade and I know this experience will be invaluable as she moves to the National Theatre – a place she knows well, having directed successfully in each of the three theatres.

“Together with Kate and the brilliant, dedicated team here, I know that the National will continue to thrive and remain at the heart of British cultural life.”

Born in Sheffield and studying at Hull University, Ms Rubasingham has been artistic director of Kiln Theatre since 2012, with notable collaborations during her tenure including White Teeth by Zadie Smith, and Olivier-nominated The Invisible Hand by Ayad Aktar.