Noddy Holder's wife: my guide to being married to a rock star

Suzan and Noddy Holder

Suzan and Noddy Holder, who are celebrating 18 years of marriage pictured at the Pride of Britain awards - Credit: Suzan and Noddy Holder

Suzan Holder has been married to Slade's Noddy Holder for 18 years. Here she talks about being a rock star wife 

Landing a book publishing deal has put me in the spotlight for the first time. In many ways I think it’s lucky this has happened to me in my mid-50s, it would have terrified me when I was younger.

I have never been all that keen on having my photo taken and I’ve always loved the fact that when I go anywhere with Noddy the attention is all on him. That suits me fine as I can happily soak up the atmosphere and people watch from the sidelines (brilliant for a writer.) 

Author and rock star wife Suzan Holder

Author and rock star wife Suzan Holder with her new book, rock and roll rom com Shake It Up, Beverley - Credit: Suzan Holder

However, now my first book is out the bosses at Harper Collins want to see me interacting on social media and doing press interviews. Fair enough.

The chatting to reporters and appearing on radio isn’t a problem; if there’s one thing I can do – it’s talk. BBC Radio Manchester clearly agrees as I will be appearing now and then on Phil Trow’s evening show talking about all sorts of stuff in the news – listen out weeknights between 10 and 11pm.  

Pictures are another issue, but I’m old enough to know I have to be grown-up about it. I’m hyper-critical of photos of myself although my husband says it’s the pained expression I often pull that ruins most snaps of me.

I’ve always been the same, although looking back at old photos now I have no clue what it was I was so worried about. Ok, the picture of myself as a moody teenager I shared in last month’s column did make me look a little bit like Joey Ramone but hey – it’s a look.  

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My ‘look’ isn’t something I’ve ever given much thought to. I just like what I like and I consider myself pretty low maintenance. So it’s been rather reassuring to have received several compliments on my ‘rock chick’ appearance lately and people saying my book is a ‘rom-com for rock chicks’. 

Luckily the things I reach for most often when I’m getting ready to go anywhere all have a rock ‘n’ roll vibe. A leather or denim jacket, a cool pair of ankle boots, maybe a smattering of wild animal print and I feel ready to take on the world.

I favour a smoky eye and a nude lip and I love it if my hair looks all mussed up, as if I’ve just got out of bed. (The picture of me on this page was taken at Waterstones bookshop in Liverpool just after I’d found out they were planning to stock my book and I’ll be honest, I wore the leopard print beret that day mainly because my hair was too messy… even for me.) 

In addition to unexpected compliments I’ve also been surprised by some things I’ve been asked to do – one of them was to write tips for wannabe rock wives – the Do's and Don’ts of life with a famous musician or rock star. I can’t say I’d ever given much consideration to that either, but I thought you might be interested and amused by a few of my suggestions. 

Be Practical. This might not be what you were expecting to hear, but rockstars have busy and demanding lives. Efficiency and the ability to get things done will impress them, so be one of the team and get stuck in. 

Be Nice To Fans. No one wants to see a glowering partner rolling their eyes or pulling a face in the background when they are getting a selfie with their rockstar hero. (I can’t name names, but I have seen wives of famous musicians be less than gracious.) Don’t rain on a fan’s parade.

Ignore Rude People. It happens rarely but occasionally someone will be downright rude – usually just so they have something to say. Most times it’s best to ignore but if that proves impossible then have an even ruder response tucked away for emergency use – that usually shuts them up. For example, Sharon Osbourne can be sweet and lovely but if anyone insults Ozzy they get hit with both barrels… I wouldn’t risk it if I were you! 

Never ever touch the guitars. Pretty self-explanatory. Don’t do it. Ever. It’s just not worth it. 

Suzan’s novel  Shake It Up, Beverley, published by One More Chapter, Harper Collins is out in digital format and paperback.  

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