Congleton-based software specialist Ambidect Ltd in amazing IT coup

Scott Bamford and Tim Thomas-Peter at Ambidect, Congleton

Scott Bamford and Tim Thomas-Peter at Ambidect, Congleton - Credit: not Archant

Software specialists in Congleton believe they have invented a crucially important gadget for the business community WORDS BY CARL NAGAITIS

A Cheshire IT company has beaten Silicon Valley in the race to develop the world’s first technology to enable business software to operate on any computer platform from Microsoft Windows to Apple and work effectively on PCs, tablets, Macs, and mobiles or any other device.

Congleton-based software specialist Ambidect Ltd has announced the launch of what is believed to be the only truly multi-device, multi-platform technology solution, following years of research dedicated to achieving the ‘Holy Grail’ of their industry.

Managing Director Tim Thomas-Peter and Technical Director Scott Bamford, speaking from their company’s HQ in Mountbatten Way, Congleton, declared the Ambidect technology ready for the marketplace and pledged to offer its benefits to all new software clients.

‘If you had a big enough wallet you could always have software redeveloped to make it usable on a different platform,’ said Mr Thomas-Peter. ‘But that always means significantly higher development and maintenance costs for what are effectively separate applications. The difference with our new Ambidect technology is that all the software we develop will be available for all platforms and all devices as a single application, and will still run natively on any of those devices.

‘And when new platforms and devices come along in the future, we will extend the existing software for those too, giving our clients the power to have the software that suits them, along with the devices that best fit each part of their businesses.’

Mr Bamford, who has been leading the research efforts explained: ‘This breakthrough will for the first time give business owners a much greater degree of control and security. There’s no doubt that mixed technology is a part of all our futures. It’s now possible to create software for all devices, leaving people free to concentrate on their business without gambling on which technologies will be popular tomorrow.

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‘Previously businesses were forced to use software or platforms based on compatibility rather than capability. Ambidect gives business owners real flexibility with their IT choices. For example, if your sales team works better with tablets or iPhones while your office based staff use Windows desktops all day, we can provide a single software application that will suit them all.

‘Likewise, for companies needing to enter the competitive mobile apps or Software as a Service (SaaS) arenas, they can now target all devices straight away instead of concentrating on only one or two markets and expanding later.’

The new development comes just four months after Ambidect was launched by the two IT veterans who have worked together in the IT sector for a number of years.

‘Scott and I identified the idea of a multi-platform, multi-device solution as a research target several years ago,’ explained Mr Thomas-Peter. ‘It’s a huge leap forward in thinking. Scott has been working hard to make it a reality ever since.

‘We are now in a position to offer the benefits to companies of any size who see the sense in taking control of their business systems. For the first time all companies can have their software ready for the estimated 2.6 billion devices worldwide, whether the software is for use within the company itself, or is part of a service being offered to customers throughout the world.

‘We chose Ambidect as the name of our new company because of its link with the word ambidextrous, the ability to use both left and right hands. With our new multi-platform, multi-device technology all business can now enjoy this freedom.’ n

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