Countdown to Nantwich Show and International Cheese Awards 2010 (with audio)

Adrian Lawrence, the secretary of the Nantwich Show and International Cheese Awards, is ready for the big day

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Adrian Lawrence and his father George, both born and raised in Aston, Cheshire, are no strangers to agricultural shows, having  been involved in organising events for the Young Farmers, Holstein Friesian and Ayrshire Cattle clubs.  

But Adrian admits that organising the Nantwich and South Cheshire Show – which has been running since 1897 - is a full-time job which must be tackled 12 months. Asked about the specific role he is expected to undertake each year, he laughs: ‘Everything!  Everything involved with the Show, such as booking marquees, organising the sponsorship, generally everything that is involved with running a venture of this kind. It never stops.’

However, his commitment to the Show – renowned as one of the ‘top one-day events in the UK’ - is evident when he comments: ‘It’s a lot of hard work, but the satisfaction you get when 33,000 people have had a great day out and the sun shines, you know you’ve done something that’s a worthwhile venture.’

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Adrian is always keen to introduce new events and exhibitions in order to build on the success of the previous year. He is pleased to announce that in 2010, one of the UK’s top motorcycle stunt teams, the Bold Dog Lings, will be performing. There will be two new horse classes and the National Brown Swiss Cattle Show will be held again, following its popularity in 2009.

‘Also, for the first time, there will be a judge from America coming over to judge the Brown Swiss Cattle,’ adds Adrian.

Celebrities Sean Wilson (Martin Platt in Coronation Street) and TV chef Matt Tebutt have also confirmed their attendance and the world-famous cheese tent has been rebranded.  It is now referred to as the International Cheese Awards and will showcase over 250 cheeses from as far afield as Russia. There will be 18 new categories available to tantalise visitors’ tastebuds.

The International Cheese Awards are arguably one of the Nantwich Show’s most popular attractions. Adrian explains: ‘Visitors from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and all over Europe visit Cheshire specifically to sample the variety of both local and international cheeses on offer.’

Adrian emphasises how important the show is for Cheshire’s agricultural community: ‘It’s a chance to showcase what agriculture is all about. We’re lucky to be in that position, some shows have had to cease and once that happens they’re difficult to resurrect. We have very good feedback from local farmers.

‘We show the very best of what the countryside’s about: the varied activities and the trade stands. There’s something for everybody and it’s a family day out. Plus, the show is popular with urban visitors without a doubt. We have a great diversity of people attending.’  This year’s show takes place at Dorfold Hall Park, Nantwich, on Wednesday 28th July, from 8am. For more information visit:

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