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Trewin Design Architects managing director James Trewin

Trewin Design Architects managing director James Trewin - Credit: guy harrop

Taking a successful business through a leadership transition is tough. James Trewin, of Trewin Design Architects, explains to KATE WILLIAMS how he executed his plan Photo by Guy Harrop - info@guyharrop.com 07866 464282

How do you take a thriving business partnership, with a successful 40-year track record, through transition to the next generation of leadership and still maintain outstanding client relationships to ensure an equally successful future?

This dilemma was faced by Trewin Design Architects (formerly Trewin Design Partnership) last year. Managing Director James Trewin shares his thoughts on the challenges: “Whilst we knew it was really important to be mindful of the personal impact of relinquishing day-to-day control on those who had successfully built the business, we had to weigh this against finding and embracing the best course for the future success of the business. It was a tightrope and we learned a lot as we went along. There are four things that I think are absolutely critical for anyone facing this situation — open communication, honesty, clear set vision and set goals.”

The last year has been a huge learning curve for all at Trewin and it’s still relatively early stages for the new formation. However, James explains that focusing on the above factors definitely helped them to launch their aspirations and plans for the next chapter in Trewin Design’s history.

“Our new status as a limited company means that we’ve appointed a board of directors and we all feel energised and excited. The South West has a wealth of successful partnerships and family businesses, so this must be a common challenge.

“Unfortunately, the emotional implications mean that many people leave things far too late. My final piece of advice: don’t delay — look for support, both on practical elements and in a coaching context. It makes life much easier.”

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