Niche Dorset prop hire business - Gemma Taylor at ‘Prop Dead Gorgeous’


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It’s not every day you meet a girl in wellies sitting beneath a fake tree, alongside a giant cupcake, a fibreglass poodle, a four-foot high toy soldier and a Dalek.

Meet Gemma Taylor, the head of a niche Dorset prop hire business – Prop Dead Gorgeous. Specialising in corporate parties, one-off events and photo-shoots, there is not a theme that Gemma can’t create.

With her three Buckland Newton warehouses bursting to capacity and a new showroom (open by appointment), this is without doubt, a prop lover’s paradise.

There’s a frozen ice palace, life-like dinosaurs, even a hippo waiter. Gemma, 24, has worked with the likes of BAFTA, Harrods and even Number 10.

“We can bring a bit of fun and some excitement,” she says. “It could be a wedding, party or corporate dinner. When you walk into an event we’ve dressed you’re instantly transported into another world.”

Gemma, a Bournemouth University graduate, joined Crafty Arty World, the umbrella group, three years ago. But the award-winning Prop Dead Gorgeous is very much her project.

“My favourite is the hippo butler holding a drinks tray, but we can dress pretty much any kind of theme. We can recreate Crufts, Grease (Greece, too presumably) and, of course, Frozen.

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“We source from all over the country but we also have a team of scenic builders. A lot of our props are bespoke made. If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life.”

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