Why is the High Peak Trail one of your favourite Derbyshire walks? 

I've walked and cycled the High Peak Trail so many times, with family and friends and on my own, and still find it a fantastic walk. 

I’ve done it in all weather conditions you can imagine and have many happy memories of time spent along the route.  

What is it that makes this part of Derbyshire so appealing? 

I love the history you find there and that there is so much to see along every stage of the route.  

For example, you can still see reminders along the way of its former life as a railway, particularly at the southern end between Cromford and Middleton Top. 

Also, just off the trail, you can find far more ancient features such as Mininglow and Royston Grange.  

Is there any part of the High Peak Trail area that you particularly look forward to seeing/visiting? 

I think the trail and surrounding area is so appealing because of the beautiful scenery it offers - with particularly fine views at Black Rocks, Mininglow and Parsley Hay. 

It’s also a favourite of mine because the High Peak Trail offers an easily accessible route for people of all ages and abilities to get out into the fresh air.  

Who do you tend to go walking with? 

I walk with my family usually. We tend to stay local and walk for just a couple of hours at present to keep our little girl comfortable! 

What do you look for in a good walk?  

I think a good walk can take many forms, whether that be fine scenery, enjoying the weather (rain or shine!) or finding a nice place for a meal and a drink.  

The High Peak trail offers all of these, with cafes at either end of the trail as well as The Royal Oak at Hurdlow. 

Are there any other places in Derbyshire you particularly enjoy walking? 

We are fortunate in Derbyshire to have so many opportunities for good walks. I've enjoyed the trails in the east of the county around former pits and colliery railways, along the streams and valleys of the south and west as well as walking in the Dark Peak area. 

The Dark Peak’s steep, windswept hills and rapid changes in weather conditions can be quite awe-inspiring.... I've even seen Kinder Downfall blowing back up the hillside!