Brighton Fringe: The Bright Side of the Moon

Beyond the Bark premiere a new production called; The Bright Side of the Moon

Beyond the Bark premiere a new production at Brighton Fringe entitled The Bright Side of the Moon

Sue Meehan’s stage play brings to life the mind of Lucy, through magnificent puppetry. Lucy sits behind her piles of office files daydreaming of wondrous adventures. Watch as daydreams merge into nightmares, night becomes day and her demons break down the walls of reality. Using physical theatre and puppetry enter the dark world of Lucy's imagination as she faces the creatures haunting her, in the hopes of seeing the bright side of the moon.

The puppet of Lucy is part of a team of three puppeteers and actors who bring creatures and characters to life with marionettes and shadow puppetry. The beautifully crafted puppets promise to charm the audience and T C Gallagher’s set, which moves and comes to life, will bring them into a world unlike any other.

Using a mix of reality and fantasy, Beyond the Bark will draw you inside this fast-paced, dark and original play. Contemporary themes are given a fairytale treatment, in a show that reminds us that how you face the past is what will make your future.

Emma Fisher is the creative director of this performance. Emma’s role in Irish theatre and puppetry over the last eight years has seen her work on many critically acclaimed productions such as Revenger’s Tragedy, Soh and The Fisherman’s Son. In 2009 Emma was nominated for an Irish Times Irish Theatre Award one of the most prestigious and difficult to acquire in Irish Theatre awards.

Beyond The Bark is one of the most exciting collective of puppeteers and playwrights currently working in Ireland. After a string of critically acclaimed shows in Galway, Dublin and Limerick the team makes its UK debut in this year’s Brighton Fringe.

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The Bright Side of the Moon will be performed at the Old Courtroom, 118 Church Street, Brighton, on 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th May from 7-40pm. Tickets are �8

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