Is Cayton Bay the best place for paddleboarding in Yorkshire?

Caton Bay

Caton Bay - Credit: Archant

A quiet and unspoilt bay, with great facilities, Cayton Bay offers some of the county’s best surfing year round, from three key surfing locations.

The Point offers left handed waves breaking around the headland that can hold a big swell but is for experienced surfers only, while Pump House at the Northern end of the Bay breaks at mid to low tide with fast moving hollow lefts and occasional rights. The wave is fast due to the shelving nature of the shore, requiring a quick take off and is better suited for intermediate to advanced surfers, although white water waves in front and smaller days allow beginners to get involved too.

At mid - high tide the middle of the bay offers a nice, mellow wave perfect for learning, body boarding, and long boarding and with good expanse it handles a crowd easily.

To the South end of the bay lies the aptly named Bunkers, one of the only spots that can be surfed through the full high tide locally and one of the Yorkshire Coast’s premier beach breaks. Out to sea is a reef, creating a flat water lagoon perfect for kayaking and paddle boarding.

The bay has good clean water and is dog friendly all year. There’s a surf school if you want to take the plunge.