Kos Evans photographic exhibition at Goodwood


- Credit: Archant

Sunday 5 to Sunday 12 July at The Valdoe Studios, Goodwood, Chichester, PO18 0PJ. Daily from 10am to 7pm

Kos Evans has been at the forefront of marine photography for 30 years. From the dizzying heights of the 208 ft mast of Maltese Falcon, one of the world’s largest super yachts, to clinging on the front of powerboats at 80 mph, Kos displays the adventurous spirit of a stuntwomen and the imaginative eye of an artist.

Her exhibition ‘White Horses’ takes you on a dynamic, photographic journey that allows the viewer to enter the fast paced sports world and become immersed in heat of an event. “You are working on a moving platform shooting a moving subject, add in the waves that are unpredictable and keep crashing over your expensive equipment and you have a challenging mixture. It takes time and experience to work with the elements, to shoot between the troughs of the waves, balance yourself, keep the equipment dry and anticipate ahead of time when the action is going to happen.”

Kos’ exciting career and daredevil spirit has taken her to a Bosnian war zone for the UN, A World tour of Formula 1 with McLaren, The Olympics and the European Horseball Championships from horseback. She works with global brands including Rolex, Laurent Perrier and Canon and ITV found her so fascinating they decided to follow her round the world in a behind the scenes documentary.

Whilst being an award-winning action sports photographer and amongst the best in the world, Kos always brings an artistic viewpoint to her breathtaking images. “The sea is a constantly moving canvas” and her quest is to capture the most challenging and elusive photographs of her subjects whether a graphic image of the sails of a racing yacht, the rhythmical wave pattern of a powerboat crashing the surface of the sea or an Olympic diver the split second before he breaks the surface. These kinetic images don’t happen by chance – they take a lot of planning. The White Horses exhibition has been curated in the beautiful 18th century chalk barn at The Valdoe studios, Goodwood.

The exhibition which is touring from London is showing for one week only and will have various talks and events surrounding it so visit the Tim Jasper website or follow on twitter @TimAdamJasper for up to date information.