Real Somerset – 2014 open exhibition


- Credit: Archant

Janette Kerr, President of the RWA, will be joined by well known local artists David Parfitt RI, Martin Bentham RWA and Chris Lee, West Mendip area representative for Somerset Art Works, to judge the first open exhibition at A2 Gallery

Entitled Real Somerset, the competition is designed to be a celebration of Somerset and the South West - its landscape, its coastline, its people, culture, legends, history and towns.

“Our core purpose at A2 is to showcase local talent and celebrate the inspirational part of the country in which we live,” says Alan Stratford, gallery owner and artist.

“We have always tried to create a relaxed, inclusive atmosphere here – everyone is welcome – and the same principle has been applied to our open exhibition.”

It was visiting local venues during Somerset Art Weeks five years ago that inspired Alan to open the gallery in Wells.

“We are surrounded by real artists with real talent,” Alan adds.

“This isn’t the Turner Prize, but it is a chance for real people to show off their talents and we are proud of being grounded in that ethos.”

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Real Somerset is open to anyone over the age of 18 using almost any media, with entries being made by digital submission on the A2 website from 8 March. Closing date for entries is 30 June. An exhibition of short listed work will be held at the gallery from 25 July until 16 August.

First prize is £1000 in cash and the chance to have your own solo exhibition at the gallery in 2015.

If you would like further information about Real Somerset, go to the A2 website or please contact