12 photographs that capture the true beauty of Rostherne

Rostherne in Bloom by Gillian Baker

Rostherne in Bloom by Gillian Baker - Credit: Archant

If you’re heading to Tatton, make sure you make a small detour to nearby Rostherne.

Many of us visit Tatton Park throughout the year, for the Flower Show, the deer park, the extensive gardens or for a walk around the meres, which are both Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Tatton Mere may be the larger of the meres within the grounds, the smaller one being the Melchett Mere, but it isn’t the largest in Cheshire. That honour belongs to Rostherne Mere, a National Nature Reserve that lies just to the north of the grounds of Tatton Park.

You can spot many bird species at Rostherne Mere and it’s one of the best places to witness starlings murmurations in the county. There is also plenty of woodland nearby which are covered by blankets of bluebells in the Spring.

Just south of the mere is the Grade I listed St Mary’s Church, this sandstone building is full of history and is well worth a visit for the impressive interior and sculptures within.

The village of Rostherne itself, is one of the prettiest in the county, the quaint cottages covered in wisteria provide a picture postcard snapshot of Cheshire village life.

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Bluebell Woods at Rostherne

Bluebell Woods at Rostherne - Credit: John Hancock

Rostherne Church

Rostherne Church - Credit: Gillian Baker

Rostherne in Bloom

Rostherne in Bloom - Credit: Gillian Baker

Rostherne in the Spring

Rostherne in the Spring - Credit: John Hancock

Rostherne Mere at dusk

Rostherne Mere at dusk - Credit: John Hancock

Rostherne Mere Early Morning

Rostherne Mere Early Morning - Credit: John Hancock

Rostherne Village

Rostherne Village - Credit: John Hancock

St. Mary's Church, Rostherne

St. Mary's Church, Rostherne - Credit: Gillian Baker

Sunrise Over Rostherne Mere

Sunrise Over Rostherne Mere - Credit: John Hancock

The Estate Office, Rostherne Village

The Estate Office, Rostherne Village - Credit: Gillian Baker

The Water Pump, Rostherne

The Water Pump, Rostherne - Credit: Gillian Baker

Walking Through Rostherne

Walking Through Rostherne - Credit: Gillian Baker