The Art of Concealment

Currently playing in the Brighton Fringe Festival as part of the centenary celebrations for Terence Rattigan

He was one of the most acclaimed playwrights and screenwriters of his generation. His fall from critical favour marked a turning point in modern British theatre. Who was the real Terence Rattigan?

At 66 years old Rattigan is dying of leukaemia. As he waits for the curtain to rise on the first night of his last West End play (Cause C�l�bre) he can no longer resist the memories that haunt him from his earlier life; from his schooldays at Harrow to his personal relationships and his descent into delusion and paranoia.

A play not only about Rattigan’s demons, but about the creative process itself - with the ironic twist that we know Rattigan to be more honoured now than he would ever have expected in his lifetime.

Cast: Kieran Gough, Gay Soper, Robert Rowe, Graham Pountney, Christopher Morgan, Guy Warren-Thomas, Sam Harding

Director: Tom Latter; assistant director: James Barry

May 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 at 8pm

Info/tickets: 07957 135570 or email:

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