War and Peace Revival

War & Peace statues

War & Peace statues - Credit: Archant

Statues of soldiers and civilians will be on show at The War and Peace Revival, Folkestone 16-20 July

Full-height statues depicting soldiers and civilians from the wartime period will be on display at The War and Peace Revival taking place at Folkestone Racecourse between 16-20 July.

The sculptures, created by artist Johanna Domke-Guyot, will be placed in the WW1 Experience Marquee and will include a line of gassed soldiers, hand on each other’s shoulders with eyes bandaged.

There will also be sculptures of a civilian couple sitting in the Spitfire tea room. The statues are made using real clothing which Johanna adapts using a technique she’s created in a fondue cement.

?For further information on The War and Peace Revival 2014 and to order tickets, visit: www.thewarandpeacerevival.co.uk