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BeautiPhi MediSpa

BeautiPhi MediSpa - Credit: Archant

A state-of-the-art medical spa has opened in Lancashire, bringing some of the latest aesthetic techniques together into a one-stop-shop for beauty treatments.

BeautiPhi MediSpa

BeautiPhi MediSpa - Credit: Archant

BeautiPhi MediSpa opened on Albert Road, Colne, in November 2019 and the new spa and medical facility, led by Consultant Facial Surgeon Dr Chris Sweet and Specialist Orthodontist Dr Zia Ud-Din, boasts not only the latest in technological advancements in areas from advanced facial aesthetics and orthodontics to cosmetic dermatology, but also performs a number of unique procedures for the first time in the region.

This includes well-known services including anti-wrinkle treatments,fillers, hydrafacials and advancedorthodontics, as well as new and novel procedures like Platelet Rich Plasma treatments including Vampire facelifts and facials.

Aiming to bridge the gap between medicine and beauty, the experience isn't just a clinical one -guests can also experience a variety of relaxing and therapeutic treatments while sipping on mocktails in the lounge.

The eagerly awaited Phase 2 of the development will include "Zagora -Hammam & Spa" which will include a myriad of traditional Moroccan spa treatments.

BeautiPhi MediSpa

BeautiPhi MediSpa - Credit: Archant

Based on the ancient principle of The Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion, the MediSpa aims to reflect the ratio of 1:1.618 which occurs naturally in beautiful things.

Otherwise known as Phi, it represents perfect proportion and has been a principle of good design and beautiful art for thousands of years.

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Dr Chris Sweet at BeautiPhi MediSpa, said: "We aim to apply the proportions of phi during our treatments so that your enhancement appears entirely natural."

As well as cosmetic procedures and therapy treatments, BeautiPhialso offers a variety of skin care treatments that help to restore naturally beautiful and youthful skin.

BeautiPhi always maintain the pharmaceutical basis for the effectiveness of all their products and treatments. The professional aestheticians are trained in the use of market-leading SkinCeuticals products, which beautify by making skin healthier - not just improving the outward appearance.

To find out more visit or give the friendly team a call on 01282 703 610 61 Albert Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 0BP

Please quote code LL2019 for 10% discount on all treatments booked within 1 month of this magazine issue date.

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