Outdoor cinema screenings in Cornwall 2021


We've gathered some great alfresco cinema experiences in Cornwall for 2021 - Credit: Unsplash

If you’re not sure about going to the cinema just yet, why not try an outdoor one instead? 

From May 17, restrictions will lift further and normal cinemas will be opening as usual. If, however, you don’t feel ready to visit or fancy something a little different, there are plenty of alfresco opportunities out there. Here are four great outdoor cinemas in Cornwall to try this year for a bit of summer relaxation.  

Scorrier House 

This drive-in cinema is starting early and you could enjoy an outdoor viewing of The Goonies as soon as this Saturday! Each car will be given a sanitised Bluetooth speaker for the film's audio, and there will also be opportunities for food from local vendors before and during the film.  

Lots of Covid safety measures are being taken to make sure you feel safe whilst you’re there. Tickets are available now here.

Gwel an Mor 

The five-star resort is making good use of their state-of-the-art outdoor screen to bring lots of events this summer. They’re promising everything from the latest blockbusters, to football matches, to live music streaming. All from the comfort of your car, tuning in using your vehicle’s radio.  

The full run down of events should be up very soon so get ready to grab your tickets. And, if you don’t like anything they’re offering, why not hire the screen yourself and show what you want! Take a look here.

Watergate Bay 

Taken from the cliffs overlooking Watergate Bay, the waves crash onto the sand of an empty beach.

Watergate Bay is not a bad back drop for your movie! - Credit: 23041822@N04, Flickr

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The Wavelength drive-in cinema is back in full style this year. This is a perfect experience if you fancy looking at your surroundings as well as the big screen. Set atop the cliffs overlooking Watergate Bay, your film will be accompanied by the sound of waves in the distance and possibly the occasional seagull.  

Wavelength tend to go for two genres of film for their drive-ins: surf movies and cult classics. Films will run every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from July 16th until September 5th. The schedule and tickets will be released on April 21st and you can preregister now to jump the queues.  

Carnglaze Caverns 

If you’re looking for something a little different to your average alfresco cinema experience, then this one might be for you. Swap the great wide sky for a closer roof of rocks as you descend into the Carnglaze Caverns. The man-made caves are part of an old slate quarry and have had many roles over the years – including to store rum in the Second World War!  

Used regularly for music concerts, they’ll be showing plenty of favourites from Jurassic Park to The Shawshank Redemption. Just remember to wrap up warm, even in August things can get pretty chilly down there. 

Tickets are available now from Cornwall 365.

A small crowd stands in front of a stage as a band is setting up at Carnglaze. The venue is atmospheric with grey slate walls

Carnglaze has previously been a great backdrop for music events too. - Credit: gerry-ecs, Flickr

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