Local garages in Dorset – who can you trust?


Archant - Credit: Archant

Out of the blue a problem has occurred with your car and you need to take it to a garage in order for repairs to be done. As your car is relied upon for getting to work, picking the kids up or simply just getting from A to B, it’s no surprise how many of us get anxious when we know it may have to be taken to a garage to be repaired.

In haste, many just choose the first garage that they come across or simply one that is near to their house but we urge you to make sure that you choose the right garage in Dorset.

Just like every other trade there are certain garages that carry out a higher quality of work than others. When you hand your car to a garage you place your trust in them to carry out work that is of a high level of quality, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

Before handing your car over to a garage it’s essential that you do a bit of research to ensure you find a garage you can trust. There are certain things you need to make sure of, like making sure the garage you are going to use only uses industry standard parts so if anything on your car needs to be replaced your warranty won’t be invalidated. You also need to make sure the technicians within the garage are well trained and it’s always nice to see previous customer reviews on the garage’s website.

If you are concerned about having a negative experience with a garage then you should use the Approved Garages Network to give you a helping hand. Dorset is such a vast area with hundreds of different garages to choose from so making the right choice isn’t as easy as it may seem, but that’s where Approved Garages can help you out.

Every garage that you find within the Approved Garage Network is of a high level of quality. Each garage in Dorset has been assessed against the RAC and Motoring Industry Code of Practice requirements, ensuring that all the guidelines are met. These checks also make sure the garage is using industry approved parts and have experienced and professional technicians meaning your vehicle is at a garage you can trust.

Next time your car needs a service or MOT then take a look at our Approved Garages in Dorset for a professional and quality service.