Poole-based newborn photographer Karen Wiltshire

This fabulous scene was put together from several images - photo by Karen Wiltshire

This fabulous scene was put together from several images - photo by Karen Wiltshire - Credit: Archant

Newborn photography is a specialist genre in which a specially trained photographer works with babies under two weeks to capture those early days. Helen Stiles finds out more

As the creative director of CobWebKnits, Su Cowell uses lots of gorgeous images of newborns on her website. “There is a real art to photographing newborns,” says Su, whose delightful hats are modelled by various snoozing babies. “Your photographer will need to have specialist experience of working with such a precious subject.”

One of Su’s favourite photographers is the award-winning Poole-based photographer Karen Wiltshire. Newborn photography is usually done when the baby is less than two weeks old, as Karen explains: “At this stage babies are really sleepy and still squishy from being in mummy’s tummy. After the first two weeks they becomes more aware of their surroundings so it may take a little more time to get curled up and sleepy.” This two week window means that would-be parents often book Karen around the same time as the 20 week scan. “I pencil in a session for ten days from the due date,” she adds.

There are some key points that parents should bear in mind when booking a session auch as is the photographer properly insured and are they experienced in handling newborns safely? And are premises and equipment safe and clean?

Newborn photographers will have an extensive props cupboard and in Karen’s case this includes a vast array of hats from CobWebKnits’ collection – these range from fruit, veg and flowers to regal crowns, policeman helmets and animals. You may want to consider bringing some of your own props that reflects mum or dad’s occupation or hobby.

Most newborn photographers play some white noise in the background to soothe the baby and sessions generally take four hours. “We always want a sleepy happy baby,” says Karen. “Once they’ve got the baby undressed and given them a feed we should hopefully be rewarded with a contented baby. If mum feels happy then baby generally is too.”

Above all else both Su and Karen agree that finding a fully trained newborn specialist photographer will ensure the baby is photographed safely and you will have some pictures to treasure and share of your special new arrival.

For more information about CobWebKnits and their products, visit cobwebknits.co.uk for Karen Wiltshire, visit kw-photography.co.uk***

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