The benefits of using a professional photography studio

Xposure Studios

Xposure Studios - Credit: Archant

Can a toilet ‘selfie’ with an Instagram filter do the same job as a make over in a photography studio?

Xposure Studios

Xposure Studios - Credit: Archant

In today’s day and age we have so much accessibility to technology, including camera phones, apps and computers, all of which can help us take a photo and enhance the image. However, these are specifically designed applications, simplified to appeal and be accessible to a large audience. Therefore the technology and results can’t be to the same standard as that used by professionals.

Let’s look at the Instagram feature for example: a truly inspiring and revolutionising idea. An app that is so simple to understand but can enhance any image to look better than its original state, remove flaws in an instant and therefore change other people’s perception of you and eventually your perception of yourself, and in the future, your memories. A huge development and novelty in the users lives, without taking anything away from the huge accomplishment that is instagram it is a very simplified and accessible way to access a small part of the photography world and the technologies now available in it.

Xposure Studios

Xposure Studios - Credit: Archant

Social media is an interesting and very relevant topic - in our society it is near impossible to live through a day without at least seeing it, more likely using it. We are all about visuals, in our social lives and professional lives. Professionals are looking for new employees via LinkedIn, singles are looking for their life partner on or Tinder and musicians are expected to release a video before they release their music. The world has changed and there is nowhere to hide, everyone can see you.

Where there is change there are those smart ones amongst us inventing ways to make the changer ‘cooler’, ‘better’ and ‘more beautiful’. Gone are the days when you could hold a photograph in your hand and know for certain that is exactly how that moment looked. No one will be standing up in court using a photo or video found online for evidence. Everyone can see us but we have the power to manipulate what they see.

It seems that the benefits of using a photography studio over your camera phone falls down to quality, air brushing, editing and obv corse the experience. Many photography studios provide a make up artist, hair stylist, photographers, retouchers, a beautiful studios and props, accompanied by refreshments. Generally people have many different reasons for attending photography studios, this could be anything from artistic reasoning, to a family experience to an individual wanting to feel like a star for the day, and everything in-between.

Xposure Studios

Xposure Studios - Credit: Archant

Behind every beautiful movie star, singer or model there is a talented and experienced team of creatives working hard to ensure they look great in every picture taken, and essentially that is what distinguishes a fashion photography studio and sets it above the likes of modern technology such as apps and camera phones.

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What your day includes-

•All female editorial and makeover experienced photographers

•Magazine quality airbrushing

•Props, backdrops to create different moods, themes and styles

•Industry grade lighting & equipment to create professional high res images

•Photo shoot experienced makeup artist. The art of make up is a craft and is an essential part of any photo shoot! The make up artist is in a position to use their artistic skills to transform your look, as they would with professional model.

•Personal viewing gallery to select your favourite photos & purchase one of our many exciting packages

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