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The Wedding Photographer

The Wedding Photographer - Credit: Getty Images

Choosing the right photographer should be high on a couple’s priorities

Looking back over photographs is a pleasure couples and enjoy over and over again. Often the day is a whirlwind of activity and it is hard to take everything in so a photograph (and a video) are great ways to catch up on all the action after the event.

It’s not advisable to rely on friends and relatives to take pictures as they not only don’t have a professional “eye” they really don’t have the expertise. We asked Photographer Lisa Alderlsey for her tips and groom Mike Sambrook to offer his advice from a couple’s perspective.

Lisa Aldersley

1. Remember good photographers get booked around a year in advance, sometimes more for peak season, particularly May and August where there are bank holidays.

2. Decide on a photography style ie formal and more traditional or story telling/reportage. Choose a style that suits you both. Don’t book a traditional photographer if you don’t want to spend a couple of hours posing for group shots. Reportage photographers capture your day as a story with natural, spontaneous moments and the details from your day. Most do some groups shots but these are normally kept to half a dozen to include immediate family and bridal party.

3. To get the best from your photographer choose one whose work makes you feel something and inspires you. Have a good look around their website and their bio and if possible go and meet them before you book. It’s important that you like your photographer as they will be with you all day on the most important and personal day of your life.

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4. Choose a wedding photographer who specialises in weddings and is a full time photographer. There are many “weekend warriors” who claim to be wedding photographers. It’s the most important day of your lives so entrust the responsibility to a professional.

Michael Sambrook:

1. We met personally with at least five photographers before making our decision. We wanted a natural approach to the day - so we could just enjoy it and hardly notice the photographer at all. It also meant the typical “staged” photos you see time and again at weddings were avoided. It was unique to us and that’s just what we were looking for.

2. To get the best from the photographer it is important to clearly explain what you are looking for as a couple. Normally a run through or practice (we had a pre-wedding photo-shoot) is a good way of checking the quality and style of your photographer, without the risk of it being completely wrong on the most important day of your life.

3. Finally, a no-no would certainly be just going with the cheapest or first photographer that you find. Most photographers are very proud of their own photography, yet it might not be quite the approach you want. If you actually have a good relationship with the photographer and are on the same wavelength it makes for a much more relaxed wedding day - and subsequently more natural “real” photography.