Look forward to a year of Yorkshire

Sunset Whitby Piers by Gordon Ratcliffe

Whitby Piers by Gordon Ratcliffe - Credit: Gordon Ratcliffe

This stunning gallery of images shows Yorkshire throughout the year - from spring flowers in Saltburn to soft autumn colours in Wensleydale. Photographs were taken by Yorkshire Life readers in 2021 and featured on our gallery pages which appear in every edition of Yorkshire Life - so maybe you'll be inspired to take some on your winter walks, spring strolls and Yorkshire staycations - we'd love to see your photographs - send hi-res images (1mb or larger, including wetransfer files) to photos@yorkshirelife.co.uk

Swans at Pugneys Country Park, Wakefield

Pugneys Country Park, Wakefield by Darren Harbinson - Credit: Darren Harbinson

SPring sunshine in SaltburN

Saltburn by Sue Jenkinson - Credit: Sue Jenkinson

Clapham view from a gate by Anthony Turner

Clapham by Anthony Turner - Credit: Anthony Turner

Malham by Matt Dunkley

Malham by Matt Dunkley - Credit: Matt Dunkley

Scarborough sunrise by Dan Field

Scarborough by Dan Field - Credit: Dan Field

Kilnsey Park lake reflections

Kilnsey Park by Hollie Rushton - Credit: Hollie Rushton

Richmond twilight by Matt Hillier

Richmond twilight by Matt Hillier - Credit: Matt Hillier

Mount Grace Priory summer gardens

Mount Grace Priory by Hannah Crofts - Credit: Hannah Crofts

Wensleydale by David Speight

Wensleydale by David Speight - Credit: David Speight

Lindley Wood reservoir by Jason Smith

Lindley Wood reservoir by Jason Smith - Credit: Jason Smith

Whitby Abbey illuminated Simon James Smith

Whitby Abbey Simon James-Smith - Credit: Simon James Smith