Meet the Chef - Andrew Green, Ducie Street Warehouse 

Andrew Green

Andrew Green - Credit: Ducie Street Warehouse

The Mancunian chef joined the team at the former Victorian warehouse in the spring, having worked in the kitchens of The Lowry and Mamucium at Hotel Indigo. Here he reveals his favourite foodie memories and moments

First dish you learned to cook?
Sardines. We used to fillet the bones with our fingers, scale them, add a dash of garlic, white wine and parsley, and bake them in our stone pizza oven. They were beautiful.  

Most vivid childhood food memory?
I always remember my mum’s bacon ribs and cabbage. Green vegetables were not my thing when I was a kid, but when they were cooked in the salted bacon stock they were out of this world. Even today I still love that dish.  

Most memorable meal out?
My greatest memory is from Portugal, when we visited Castro Marim. I went to a restaurant called Infanti; it was very traditional, very 1980s in style and service but the food was amazing. I’ll always remember the live lobster tanks and I’ve been back many times. 

Favourite ingredient?
Garlic – it gives the best flavour to almost any dish. 

Ingredient you loathe?
The one thing I don’t particular enjoy eating is salmon. I love to cook with it and it has such a beautiful smell but I usually avoid it. 

Favourite place to eat?
I love to try street food stalls. The Makers Market is great and my favourite is Oh Mia dumplings. 

Describe your cooking style in three words 
Classic. Local. Twist. 

If you weren’t a chef, what would you be?
I would love to be a doctor or nurse – doctor sounds better. 

Favourite country when it comes to food?
Italy by a million miles. The food is not the fanciest but it’s the most flavoursome. 

Tell us about the menu at Ducie Street Warehouse 
DSW is all about sharing. The food is all made in-house and it’s the freshest it can be using the best-sourced ingredients from my hand-picked award-winning suppliers. The menu is full of classic favourites done in my own special way. The idea is you fill the tables with lots of dishes and share them between your family or friends. 

What are the food philosophies? 
We want to offer an affordable yet premium experience, highlighting some of the region’s finest and seasonal produce, all built up to create a fun and vibrant dining experience. 

Who would be your dream dinner guest?
My mum would be my dream dinner guest. I have cooked for some of the most famous people in this world but unfortunately, I have never cooked for my dear mum. 

What’s your food guilty pleasure?
I always have to get a scallop from the chippy – even as a side dish.

When you’re not in the kitchen, what do you get up to?
Doing some DIY at home or finding a great place to eat and drink – there is nothing better than stumbling across a little hidden gem.