Recently The Times named the top 10 Fish and Chips shops in the UK and one of their choices was none other than V.C. Jones in Whistable.

So what is it that makes V.C. Jones so special, and is it really the best Fish and Chips shop in Kent and perhaps even the entire UK?

First of all V.C. Jones has occupied its spot on Harbour Street in Whistable since it first opened in 1962 when Vivian "Viv" Charles Jones and his wife Joyce relocated to the seaside town from London. And as such 60 years later three generations have now served the many residents and visitors of Whistable who can't get enough of this historic chippy.

To eat a V.C. Jones fish and chips is to taste history because unlike most Fish and Chip shops, they still use a pre-world war 2 practice in their frying: beef dripping. This packs so much flavour into the food and keeps people coming back time and time again. And while queuing is more often than not guaranteed it is but a small price to pay for a divine culinary experience.

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