Moss & Moor in Ilkley has taken the concept of the garden centre and given it a hefty old shake.

Yes, you will find everything to make your garden grow, but owner Lou Miller has added to the mix an artisan food hall, the work of local artists and a very stylish selection of furnishing to make your outside space sing.

Gardens with great cafes to visit:

And perhaps more of a pull still – there’s a cool café headed up chef Kevin Gratton who used to be right hand man to acclaimed British chef Mark Hix.

So, a day in this garden centre might will mean enjoying a Buddah bowl while you buy a buddleia or a glass of champagne while you ponder the purchase of a pergola. Not forgetting the chance to snap up some artisan gin for patio drinks or a few throws to keep off the chills when you’re sat around the new fire pit that you just couldn’t resist.

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Moss & Moor, as the name suggests, is all about outdoorsy green goodness and marrying the wellness aspects of gardening, plants and growing. The Potting Shed is the gardening bit with an emphasis on British growers. A range of peat free and organic composts are stocked and Moss & Moor is supporting Ilkley Climate Action Group to educate customers of the choices available. A conscious decision has been made to work with British growers in order to reduce distribution & logistical miles and associated carbon footprint.

The building is wood-clad and inside the atmosphere is calming and ‘do you good’ with a colour scheme of breezy sky blues and grass greens. It’s a vision brought to life by local stylist Cliona Harkin for Lou, who came up with the Moss & Moor concept looking out of an aeroplane window at the patchwork landscape below her.

Not forgetting the inspiring surroundings of the building itself – the famous Cow and Calf rocks overlook the Moss & Moor outdoor terrace – which has already become a definite go-to for the people of Ilkley who like a good breakfast and a smart lunch.

Kevin Gratton’s menu aims to feature the best of Yorkshire produce. His background has seen him work alongside Marco Pierre White and Mark Hix, for whom he was chef director. Kevin also set up his own street food brand in London, Fish Dog.

His love of seasonal produce means you’ll see asparagus from Yorkshire on the menu when it is at its finest, and Staal smoked salmon topping a ciabatta. Kevin's keen to get out and about meeting more producers and showcasing their food on his menu. In time, supper clubs and events are likely to be a part of the Moss & Moor experience.

At the heart of this green business is a mission to ‘Live Well, Eat Well, Grow’. Moss & Moor aims to become part of the local community and a friendly destination for people to come together and to be inspired. A ‘Spotlight on Yorkshire’ gallery also showcases and celebrates local artists and their talents.

‘Everyone has become aware of their surroundings and the value of outdoor space during the past year’, says Lou.

‘This has been a year like no other, but we are so proud of what the team has achieved in getting open against the backdrop of a global pandemic which has challenged us in every way. We are so excited to be opening at a time when people are starting to able to feel hopeful and look to the future again.

A select number of workshops, events in support of wellbeing initiatives are planned.