A 6-mile riverside walk in the wonderful Waveney valley

Stunning waterside views on the walk from Beccles

Stunning waterside views on the walk from Beccles - Credit: Archant

A picturesque riverside six mile walk with the Norfolk Ramblers

Distance: Main walk: 6 miles, 9.7km. Short walk: 3.75 miles, 6.5km

Grid Reference: TM423 911

Postcode: NR34 9BH

Parking: There is a car park on the quay in Beccles by the river.

Refreshments: There are toilets and refreshments on the quay as well as plenty of pubs, cafes and restaurants in Beccles.


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1. From the car park facing Travis Perkins head to the right-hand corner of the car park, turn right along the cut to the bridge. Cross, turn right to the corner, then turn left to the junction. There, turn right, pass over the river Waveney, cross the road. Taking the path by the river, follow the river's edge to a gate, pass over the stile and follow the river,

with views across to Beccles boat yards and the swimming pool. Follow the riverside path through the gates at Dunburgh, where

you turn right, then left. Below the houses at the marker post, turn right.

2. Go up the new steps to Dunburgh Road. Turn right, follow the road around the corners as far as Manor house farm on your right. At the finger post, turn left, follow the field edge to an enclosed path. Watch for a bridge on the right, cross the bridge, follow the field edge path, passing the paddocks to the right. At the road, go straight on. Follow to the Gillingham dam road

3. If doing the short 3.75 mile walk, turn right, follow the roadside footpath back to the bridge. For the longer, six mile walk, cross the road. To the right of the bus shelter, you enter a signed track. Keep the house Crossways to your right. This leads to the A146 which is a busy road, so take care when crossing. On the other side of the road pass through the gate, follow the path, ignoring field gates entrances. The path bears left before a large stand of poplars which will then be to your right. Go uphill; the view opens out and the hedge is now on the left. A barn disguised as a chapel will be visible in the distance to your right. At the top of the rise, the path joins a larger farm track at a T junction.

4. Turn right, follow to some farm buildings, ignoring the first two right turns to concrete access roads. At the third right turning, the gate has signs for Gillingham and Hill Farms and the Dog Hotel. Go through the stables and outbuildings. The road through the farm and gardens bends left and right. There are occasional fingerposts marking the way. Head through a fancy entrance that looks private and go downhill towards Boathouse cottage. At the bottom there is a metal gate onto the riverside path, turn right and follow the path along the riverbank. You will eventually pass under the bypass. At the boatyard the path bends right to follow the perimeter fence to a stile out onto the road. Turn left back to the bridge, returning the way you came out.

Points of interest

A The steps at Dunburgh were in a very poor state, but thanks to funding from Norfolk Ramblers, Norfolk Trails and Gillingham and Geldeston parish councils they have been replaced. The work was carried out by volunteers from the Norfolk Ramblers and the Beccles branch of The River Waveney Trust, a charity which is part of the national Rivers Trust movement. It took over 150 volunteer hours across five days to complete the project.

The River Waveney Trust is also working on a project to start rebuilding historic sections of the river wall, bringing together a series of experts and volunteers. There is currently a fundraising drive to raise the £15,000 necessary for the project costs.

To help or donate see rwt.tidyhq.com

Ordnance Survey maps are available from all good booksellers and outdoor stores or visit our online shop www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk

Get rambling

Norfolk Ramblers welcomes new members. If you are interested in walking in the company of like-minded people, visit norfolkra.org.uk or call 07505 426750. For queries about this walk, phone 07905 565740.

Norfolk Ramblers has established a footpath working group to do some path cutting and general maintenance. We try to make sure that all the paths in these walks are fit to walk, but if you encounter a problem please tell us.

Contact Peter James at pdjames.ramb@ntlworld.com; 07905 565740

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