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The stunning view at Kimberley Hall, near Wymondham

The stunning view at Kimberley Hall, near Wymondham - Credit: Archant

From Victorian terraces and weathered beach houses to grand country houses - could your house make the perfect location for a film or photo shoot?

TELEVISION commercials, films and glamorous photograph shoots all need a setting – but have you ever considered that your home could be the perfect location?

Many property owners across Norfolk are now opening their doors to photographers and production teams. Tessa Reynolds runs Norfolk Production in Norwich, set up in 2013 - alongside her model agency, Sandra Reynolds - to bring photographic and film shoots to the county. To help promote Norfolk’s fantastic array of locations it teamed up with London agency JJ Locations to create the East Coast Collection.

“As a team we all know how beautiful Norfolk is and are very much selling that to clients further afield. It has great benefits for the local economy, as crews often need places to stay and eat, and it shows off the county to those who wouldn’t have considered it before, whether for work or pleasure.”

As well as stunning country estates and beautiful barn conversions, there is a demand for town houses, contemporary apartments and smaller, rustic homes.

“While the size isn’t important, space and light is. Although houses need to be in good condition, we don’t always need an enormous high end glossy kitchen; it could be the client wants a very typical family kitchen to shoot a supermarket advert. Sometimes people want just a bathroom, sometimes a specific set of French doors or they might need a whole house for several days.”

Tessa says although it is a great, fun way of earning money, owners must be prepared to see their homes temporarily changed and their routines disrupted.

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“A client might move furniture out or even repaint a wall or redecorate. But we always have someone there to ensure everything is carefully looked after and put back exactly as it was. You must consider where you will go during the shoot, especially if you have children – it could be half a day but it could be a week. Obviously, the fee will take into account any costs, for example if you need a hotel.” w

Kimberley Hall, near Wymondham, has hosted many photo shoots and events thanks to its stunning architecture and picturesque lakeside setting.

Tamsyn Morgans owns a Victorian terrace house in Norwich which she is lovingly restoring.

“It is a very quirky, unique house and quite different to what people might assume to be a typical location as it is quite small. It has a very vintage feel and is full of interesting props and pieces of furniture which can be used.

“I would say you have to be flexible. You might be asked to move things or put things away, so it is essential you trust the people who are looking after the shoot. I also think it is best not to be there and to let the team get on with it. Everything is always returned as it was, as if they have never been there and it means you won’t be worrying while they are there.”

Fashion and art director Olivia Pomp and her husband Gary Rowland, also an art director, have seen their stunning 16th century property Glashaus, near Diss, used for several photographic and film shoots.

“It is a brilliant thing to do and fantastic to see your home showcased. My advice would be to work with a production company who will oversee all the logistics and give you the confidence and security that your house will be looked after. Make sure you have a clear contract, in terms of public liability, insurance and the hours your property is needed.

“A small team still tends to be eight people, and for television it could number 40. It is a big intrusion – but we have had filming here involving lots of children and, because it was looked after by professionals, it was great and everything was left perfectly. Finally, do not take their decisions about what to photograph, what to move or what to change, personally. You might have lovingly created a stunning home with beautiful architectural and interior design features, but those running the shoot have no emotional attachment to it and have a very clear vision of what they need.”

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