Should you get thermodynamic solar panels to heat the water in your home?

The energy created should easily meet the needs of a family

The energy created should easily meet the needs of a family - Credit: Archant

Green, renewable sources of energy are becoming more and more popular for domestic use. We talk to Jay-Dee Williams at Energie about thermodynamic solar panels: the fuel efficient, cost-effective way to heat the water in your home

You will have definitely heard of solar panels used to generate electricity and perhaps even solar thermal energy which uses sunlight to power central heating in the home.

However, you might be yet to discover the emerging renewable energy technology starting to make a name for itself: thermodynamics.

Thermodynamic solar panels are similar to air-source heat pumps and, simply put, if you know how your fridge works imagine that but in reverse. The innovation lies in ecological fluid passing through the solar panel at a temperature of -20 ºC, thereby allowing the collection of solar energy and greater absorption of atmospheric energy. After being turned into gas, it goes through a compressor which increases its temperature enough to heat water.

Working all year round, 365 days a year, day and night, unlike solar panels which rely on heat and sunlight to create power, thermodynamics harvest the heat from the atmosphere and will ensure water is heated irrespective of warm weather and whether its day or night time. Also, one of the many ways it proves to be a fuel efficient technology, thermodynamics will only kick in when required.

Jay-Dee Williams of Energie, the market leader in the distribution of Energie thermodynamic solar panels, says: “It doesn’t matter if you’re in a hot or cold country, whether it’s windy or raining, they work all the time and do 100% of the water 100% of the time .People that have had our systems have turned their boilers off completely, only turning them back on to heat their radiators in the winter months.”

As the panels work off ambient temperatures, and all weather conditions, the sleek and versatile panels can be positioned on a wall as well as a roof, and face any direction.

The energy created should easily meet the needs of a family and, for example, a 250 litre tank would ensure enough hot water for showers, baths, washing up and more for a couple and their three children.

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The renewable energy system isn’t just suited to the home. Thermodynamic energy has also been used to provide hot water to a number of businesses like hotels, hairdressers, sports clubs and swimming pools and featured on TV’s Grand Designs.

Thermodynamic solar panels work all year round, 365 days a year

Thermodynamic solar panels work all year round, 365 days a year - Credit: Archant

Thermodynamic panels need to be fitted by expert F Gas engineers and you need to be advised on what system would best suit your home. Factors including how your house is pressurised, whether you have power showers and how much water you tend to use, will all be considered when having the panels and system fitted.

From the size of the unit and compressor, how much water you and your family need to be heated and the length of the pipe that runs to the panels, when it comes to working out the running costs and when you’ll start getting your money back, there are so many variances to consider and it’s impossible to say how much you can save or when the system ‘will pay for itself.’

However, Jay-Dee states: “Our heating systems are amongst the most cost effective systems in the world.” The system is extremely fuel efficient to run, and although you do have to pay for installation costs, he points out you’d have to do the same with a boiler or any other renewable energy system.

“Heating hot water via thermodynamic energy will be a lot cheaper than gas, oil or whatever you currently use.”

As long as the thermodynamic solar panels are fitted correctly, and by qualified F Gas engineers, they shouldn’t require any servicing or maintenance. With 30 years of experience, Jay-Dee says: “If there were issues then Energie would know about it by now. As long as it’s installed correctly, there should be no issues or ongoing maintenance.”

To find out more about having thermodynamic solar panels fitted to your home, visit the Energie website, call 0808 222 3456 or email

Energie is the official UK-based distributor for Energie thermodynamic solar panels, only supplying the best renewable energy products, and our thermodynamic solar panel system is a proven and patented technology.

The panels work off ambient temperatures, and all weather conditions

The panels work off ambient temperatures, and all weather conditions - Credit: Archant

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