Fashioning sculpture

On your visit to the Cass Sculpture Foundation this summer, think well designed pieces, geometric shapes and structured fabrics...

Sussex LifePhotography: Kate EastmanStyling: Jan Fairhead


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Location: Cass Sculpture Foundation

Goodwood, near Chichester

Jacket, �235 Courtyard; dress, �255 Courtyard; Dior sunglasses, �235 Courtyard; bracelet, �80 Courtyard Sculpture: Two Way Mirror

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Model: Fiona Jordan at Fresh Agents

Backless top, �90 Max Mara: skirt, �140 Max Mara Sculpture: Wendy Taylor - Sycamore

Dress, �455 Max Mara; Gucci sunglasses, �235 Courtyard Sculpture: Tony Cragg I'm Alive


Dress, �199 L.K. Bennett; necklace, �99 L.K. Bennett; shoes �129 L.K. Bennett. Sculpture: Sally Matthews Wolf


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Max Mara, 24 South Street, Chichester, 01243 538089

Courtyard, Market Square, Petworth, 01798 343 506

L.K. Bennett, 38-39 East Street, Brighton, 01273 722 988

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