Cutting your calorie intake is only a short term solution to managing your weight

Health & Fitness coach, Colin Ayliffe, at Stockton Heath

Health & Fitness coach, Colin Ayliffe, at Stockton Heath - Credit: Archant

If you’re trying to lose weight this summer then you may still believe that cutting down on calories will do the trick.

Reducing calories may be a quick fix for weight loss but it’s not sustainable in the long term and the weight usually piles back on.

Every time you skip a meal our stress hormones are elevated. Glycogen is then released to raise our blood sugar, as the body believes it’s in a life-threatening situation so will need the energy.

Eating too much carbohydrate will also cause a blood sugar spike and insulin is released to lower it.

Skipping meals or not eating enough protein and fats forces the body to believe it is in famine. The body will be uncertain whether you’ll eat anytime soon and is forced to store energy.

Fat accumulation around the midsection is a sign that you’re becoming resistant to all this extra insulin. Once the fat cells are full around the belly area it starts to spread to the hips and backside.

When stress hormones are elevated all the time it puts the body in a constant fight-or-flight state and can unsurprisingly leave you feeling tired and lethargic.

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So we consume a stimulant like junk food, tea, coffee, diet cola or an energy drink.

Look at how our body utilises calories to keep us healthy:

• 50-70% of our daily calorie intake is used just to stay alive.

• 5-15% of calories are used for elimination and digestion.

• 100-1000+ calories are expended on daily activities.

It’s important to remember that if you try to run your body without adequate fuel, the right mix of carbohydrate, fats and protein and poor food quality you will be slowing down your metabolism and ultimately getting fatter.

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