Personal development maven Holly Moore has some advice on doing your personal P&L for this financial year

It’s the financial year-end for many companies where they review what they have invested in and what they have earned.

What if you did the same for you each year?

Great British Life: The Oprah Winfrey event in LA was just incredibleThe Oprah Winfrey event in LA was just incredible I've previously talked about manifesting and setting goals for the year. To reach these goals what do you need to understand or learn more about to achieve them?

First, I think it’s important to understand how you learn best. I have never been an exam kind of girl. I love podcasts but to really learn I like to read and make notes and use a highlighter or watch an online course, making notes.

I have always been passionate about investing in myself. I didn’t go to university so I decided that having a coach, for example, was a great investment in my learning and development.

Then to really immerse myself I have been to so many live events. My job allows me to travel so I have seen Oprah Winfrey’s tour in LA, The Girl Boss Rally in NYC, Create & Cultivate in NYC as well as Tony Robbins and countless other events across the country.

Attending events on a global scale can be expensive but if you or your job/ businesses allows it I can’t recommend it enough. To immerse yourself and be away from home and also travel is empowering and enriching.

If you can’t travel far there is a lot going on in London, and of course the Anything is Possible Conference very soon in Manchester. You can also find local courses; eventbrite is a great way to search. The Mastercard Strive programme has tonnes of free learning for start-ups and access to free coaches and mentors, and AJ Bell Money Matters has plenty of advice for females on how and when to invest.

So when looking at your own profit and loss for the year - what have you invested in in yourself and what is the return? And if you haven’t invested in yourself, whether that’s time or money, how can you grow?

Great British Life: I have learned so much by attending personal development eventsI have learned so much by attending personal development events Plan for the year ahead, ask what you want to learn, how much you can afford to invest and what that will bring you. Don’t forget, pure joy and happiness is a currency, so if cooking, DIY or a knitting course is your jam, go book it!

However if you can afford to attend a retreat or a personal development event here are my top tips:

invest in a lovely fresh notebook, I love Moleskin and I love to get them personalised with my initials and the date

Look online for reviews of the event and the best way to experience it - TikTok and Instagram are great for this

See the day as a treat to yourself: dress up, feel confident - so you are feeling your best self. Take plenty of snacks, water and your favourite drink.

If you can it’s always nice to stay over the night before and after. I also like to block out the full day the next day to review my notes and set goals.

Take some time this month to do your OWN P&L – invest time and or money in you and grow in knowledge, happiness and fulfilment.

Holly Moore is a Cheshire-based business owner running three businesses in Wilmslow, as well as founder of podcast Anything is Possible, and the annual personal development conference, Anything Is Possible Live.