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What's in your bag? Oliver Webb from Webb's Jewellers, Holt.

What's in your bag? Oliver Webb from Webb's Jewellers, Holt. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

As director of his family’s jewellery business, Oliver Webb is passionate about designing and restoring beautiful pieces for his customers.

Silver chilli cufflinks

Silver chilli cufflinks - Credit: Archant

“For a long time I didn’t plan to go into the family business; as a child I wanted to be an architect. But I decided to study jewellery design and manufacturing at university and I absolutely loved it,” he says. “I always loved anything artistic, whether it was art at school or carpentry. Now the majority of my time is spent making, repairing and restoring jewellery, and it is an amazing job with huge satisfaction. I have had customers in tears because they are so thrilled with my work, which is a wonderful feeling. Jewellery is a very personal thing and people have strong emotional connections to it, so I feel very honoured.”

He says that although he doesn’t carry a bag outside of work, it is essential for his day-to-day business.

“As well as working with the jewellery, I also do the purchasing, sales and general running about in the shop, so I am always busy and like to have everything I need with me. My wife bought me this bag, it is from Billingham and is a classic country style.”

Eyeglass Loupe

Eyeglass Loupe - Credit: Archant

A spare set of cufflinks, silver chillis, from Deakin and Francis, £240.

I like to wear cufflinks and usually wear a personalised antique gold pair given to me by my dad for my 18th birthday. But I also always carry a spare set, and they are a pair of chillis from Deacon and Francis. I like spicy food so they seemed perfect.

Waldmann rollerball pen

Waldmann rollerball pen - Credit: Archant

Eyeglass Loupe, Triplet 10x 21mm magnifying, from £5.

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I always have one in the shop and one in my bag. When you are out, people often want your opinion on a piece of jewellery, or I might spot something I am interested in.

Waldmann sterling silver rollerball pen, £130

MacBook Air

MacBook Air - Credit: Archant

This rollerball pen is from a very good German manufacturer and it is great quality and lovely to write with. It is also something we sell, so it was a gift to myself.

MacBook Air, from £700.

I wouldn’t be without it, for work and pleasure. I use it to file photographs and manage our website which is very important, but also it is great for keeping up to date with the cricket scores.

Dog lead and treats

Dog lead and treats - Credit: Archant

Dog lead and treats

Our dog Jumble is a four-year-old Labradoodle and I am usually the one who walks her. We all love her, especially my 14-month-old daughter who adores her.


Sketchbook - Credit: Archant

And a little something else ...

A sketchbook

I am always sketching ideas for work, you never know when a design may pop into your head. I love drawing but don’t tend to get the chance much outside of work, unless perhaps I am on holiday.

Webbs Jewellers, 34 High St, Holt NR25 6BH, 01263 712575,

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