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Adrian Foster discusses the virtues of the new Jaguar XKR Coupé with designer fashion boutique owner Deborah Webb...

Adrian Foster discusses the virtues of the new Jaguar XKR Coupé with designer fashion boutique owner Deborah WebbTell us about yourself and what you doI am the owner of Deborah Webb Ltd, an independent fashion retail outlet based in Gidea Park, Romford. We sell aspirational lifestyle clothing for today's women and major on prestige designer labels including Joseph Ribkoff, Margon, Tomaso Stefanelli and Escada Sport. I have been in the fashion business for around 20 years, although Deborah Webb Ltd has only been in Gidea Park for 12 of those.

How much do you enjoy motoring?I simply love driving, especially on open roads. But I detest town driving because of all that stop-starting you have to do. I do a fair bit of work-related driving - about 10,000 miles a year - but I like to take my car on driving holidays to Italy. They are a nation of real car lovers!

What do you drive and what would your dream car be?At the moment I drive a Jaguar XK8, the model before this one. Basically, I love stylish, sleek, sexy-looking cars like Jaguar XKs because I take a great interest in anything to do with design. My first car was a Mini Clubman, which I got when I was 17. It was a vile mustard colour, it broke down literally every week and it was in the workshop more often than on the road. It wasn't really surprising as I think I was the originator of that 'how many people can you get into a Mini' thing. I'm ashamed to say that I had my name written down the side of it too. I've had a few nasty Ford Escorts and Capris, but one of my favourites was a BMW 5-Series and my dream car would be my partner's Aston Martin DB9.

How much are you influenced by the badge on the bonnet?I suppose I do pay a bit of attention to the badge on a car, but I am design led and for me it must be an attractive-looking car with pedigree and style.

How would a Jaguar XKR suit your lifestyle?I simply love the looks of the Jaguar XKR. It is a real Grand Tourer in the traditional sense that it's grand for touring across continents in and it appeals to a certain kind of person who is a connoisseur of fine engineering. It's a very sexy-looking car, a bit like the original E-Type to look at in some ways, but the technology of the XKR is simply light years ahead of those 1960s cars.

How does the Jaguar drive?I just adore the appearance, the handling and the steering of the XKR which, if I'm honest, is a vast improvement on my XK8. It looks a mean machine and it attracts admiring looks wherever it goes. The power is good, it's very comfortable inside with superb fit and finish throughout. But if I'm honest, there's probably a bit more power under the bonnet than I really need.

So, how do you rate the Jaguar XKR?The Jaguar XKR is a perfect blend of to-die-for looks, function and performance and it isn't hard work to drive. It really is a lovely car.Facts at a glanceCar Jaguar XKR Coupé Price as tested £74,330 on the roadInsurance Group 20E [est.]Co2 emissions Maximum 294 g/kmPerformance Max Speed 155 mph (limited); 0-60 mph 4.9 secs.Fuel consumption 22.9 mpg (Combined)Standard safety features Airbags front and side; Dynamic Stability Control; Front seat whiplash control; Belt minder system; Adaptive restraint technology etc.Will it fit in your garage? Length: 4791; Width: 2070; Height: 1322 (mm)

How Deborah rated this car

I love it. 9 out of 10

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