Volvo's eco warrior

Logistics MD Patrik Levén finds the Volvo V50 1.6D DRIVe will get the job done Words and pictures: Adrian Foster

Who are you and what do you do?I am managing director of the UK division of German-based transport and handling company HTF Logistics. I am originally from Sweden and have always worked in transport. I now live in Colchester, where our headquarters are.

How much do you enjoy motoring?I love driving and have a passion for classic cars. Anything from a 1925 Citroen to a 1975 Volvo. I find them all interesting to look at. I have a classic car of my own - a rare Volvo 780 Bertone Coup� from 1987.

What's the strangest thing that's happened to you in a car?Once when I was in Sweden I came across a big flock of seagulls who were so incensed by me that they dive bombed my car. It was completely white by the time they'd finished. It was like something out of that Hitchcock film The Birds.

What cars have you owned and what is your dream car?My first car was a Swedish Ford Sierra and when I moved to England I had an old Volvo 760, then an 850, and a V70 after that. The most exciting car I've owned was a very fast Mercedes-Benz AMG E55. Exciting as much for its unreliability as its performance. It spent two months out of three in the garage and it cost a fortune to keep it running. If I had lots of money I would try a Lamborghini, but I think I'd buy a Bentley Continental.

How does the Volvo V50 drive?It is a relaxed and effortless drive, although I admit I'd prefer automatic transmission. It's a comfortable car to be in, has plenty of space and leg room and gets the job done as far as I'm concerned.

How would a Volvo V50 suit your lifestyle?Obviously, this car would suit me very well. Being an estate it is very flexible and I admire the build quality, the clear controls and the driveability of this car. I also like the sleek styling.

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So, how do you rate the Volvo V50?I am between cars at the moment and my next will probably be a Volvo XC60. My fianc�e already has a Volvo S40, which is similar to this one. We both like Volvos as they are environmentally friendly and get you from A to B in comfort.


Car Volvo V50 1.6D DRIVe SEPrice as tested �20,900 on the roadInsurance group 7E [est.]Co2 emissions Maximum 118 g/kmPerformance Max. speed 118 mph; 0-62 mph 10.9 secs.Fuel consumption 62.8 mpg (Combined)Standard safety features Driver & passenger front and side air bags; Side Impact Protection; Inflatable Curtain; Whiplash Protection, HBS; Seat Belt Pre-tensionersWill it fit in your garage? Length: 4522; Width: 2022; Height: 1457 (mm)How Petrik rated this car 9 out of 10.

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