A sensation-ful treatment with sensational, instant, results...

After a rather fabulous night out with friends I thought reclining back and enjoying a facial at Guinot Bramhall would be rather lovely. It wasn’t until owner Karen Hargreaves advised me that the serum she was about to apply would have a sensation not unlike the application of chilli oil that I began to rethink my life choices.

Visible Age Reverse is a new treatment devised by Guinot for women who really want to avoid invasive cosmetic treatments, yet desire the fresh, glowing, taut skin only these treatment types can offer. The premise is that by application of their Age Influx Concentrate and some serious massage, skin will be significantly refreshed and rejuvenated.

The treatment starts with a cleanse and gentle exfoliation, before application of the Concentrate. Karen is spot on – it does feel like she’s smoothed chilli oil across my face, and the result isn’t entirely comfortable. It’s not painful, precisely, but it is sensation-ful. You certainly couldn’t ignore it.

“The concentrate creates a heat that boosts the blood flow to the skin and stimulates the nerve endings in the skin’s surface to wake up,” she explains. “With age, blood flow decreases and the basal layer of the skin receives less oxygen, vitamins, and amino acids, so cell renewal slows down. The increased blood flow caused by the sensation of heat helps stimulate the creation of new skin cells, increasing the density of the epidermis that helps skin appear smoother and more youthful. The awakening of the nerve cells also triggers skin to start creating new cells, and, finally, the serum contains amino acids and vitamins that support the production of fibroblasts, the cells that secrete collagen, which contributes to the bounce and tone of skin.”

Great British Life: Feel the heat...Feel the heat...

That’s all well and good, but am I to lie here and deal with a hot face for 30 minutes? Absolutely not – there's a lot more to this treatment than painting my face with heat.

Stage two involves the first of two facial massage procedures, using a specially developed handheld device.

Karen starts with the Vibrosmoothing Electrode, which when applied to the skin feels like a firm brush. She moves it across fine lines and wrinkles, essentially ironing out the creases in skin allowed by the lack of collagen that would otherwise plump it out. It’s not unpleasant and is a welcome distraction from the effects of the concentrate. The second device, the Vibrodermic Electrode, feels smoother and essentially does the same job, but at a deeper level. In essence, the treatment is a triple whammy of waking your skin up and telling it it’s time to remember how it behaved ten years ago.

Once the massage elements are complete, Karen removes the concentrate and massages (by hand this time) Guinot moisturiser into my skin, before finishing with a full spectrum SPF. She then hands me a mirror.

I am amazed. The results are sensational. I look like a photo of myself with an excellent filter applied. It’s extraordinary, and I ask Karen how long I can expect this to last.

“This depends on each person's age and skin type, and very importantly their skin health - a well-nourished skin will respond quicker, better, and longer than a dehydrated skin that has not been looked after. These instant results can be built on and prolonged with a good solid home care routine, but as a general guideline we recommend one treatment a week for three weeks to achieve your objective and then move to a monthly maintenance,

“It’s proven very popular with ladies on the day of an important event – a wedding, a presentation, for example, for that additional boost of skin confidence.”

Skin confidence. It most certainly delivers that.