Definition Aesthetics Clinic have opened their first clinic in Cheshire, at Champneys’ Mottram Hall resort

Great British Life: Mottram Hall with Champney's SpaMottram Hall with Champney's Spa

Founded by Laura Price, Definition Aesthetics Clinic is dedicated to enhancing natural beauty, with the motto: 'if you don't need it, don't do it.' This is only the second aesthetics clinic to be opened in a Champney’s spa, and Cheshire, as we all know, is very aware of the multitude of options available when it comes to facial rejuvenation. I went along to meet clinic manager Petra who with 30 years in the industry under her belt knows precisely what it is women want, to see what she might recommend for my aging skin.

Petra gave my face a thorough assessment and then spent a long time asking me what I felt about my skin, how I felt about fillers and muscle relaxant injections, and explaining how everything worked. I was very clear – not only am I pretty nervous around needles (particularly needles coming at my face) and have a low pain threshold, but I am very much against looking like I have had work done. That slight surprised brow and bee-stung lips look isn’t for me. I can’t carry it off, though I feel a slight pang of envy for those women confident enough in their own skin to do so. I ask if she can do a ‘stealth’ treatment, and smiling, she assured me she could absolutely do what I was comfortable with.

Petra recommended ‘teeny tiny’ elements of Botox, and something I had never heard of before – the Nefertiti neck lift. This is the use of Botox in your lower face and neck. Small amounts are placed in the depressor anguli oris, the muscle responsible for pulling the corners of the mouth down, to effectively stop this happening and so lift the corners of the mouth (ooh, no more RBF for me!). Next, she injects Botox into involves injecting Botox into the neck muscles and lower jawline to relax the muscles and minimise wrinkle and fine line formation. I actually had no idea I had neck muscles, but Petra made me do a ‘weightlifter’s grimace’ and oh my, there they are! By reducing the action of these muscles, Petra told me, a smoother, more evenly balanced neck area can be achieved. Finally, she said, I should consider some filler in my marionette lines (the grooves that sweep from nose to lips) and a touch of tear trough filler. Wait, what? That sounds painful.

Great British Life: Find reassurance at Definition Aesthetics at Mottram HallFind reassurance at Definition Aesthetics at Mottram Hall Petra is kind enough, and endlessly patient enough, not to laugh at my need to ask a million questions and talk me through every step of her treatment. She applies a little skin numbing cream below my eyes and in my marionette lines, then commences work with the Botox. I’m nervous, and prepared to flinch, but the sensation is more of a prickle than a stab, and over instantly. I clench my jaw muscles, then my neck muscles, and Petra carefully adds a tiny amount of Botox in multiple places. Once this is over, she moves to my marionette lines, which I admit hurts a little more (but weirdly just on the one side) and then the tear troughs.

Your tear troughs are the areas of very thin skin directly below your tear ducts. As we age, this area loses the natural fat layer, and so the onset of those dark circles begins. Petra chooses a very fine hyaluronic gel for use in this area, as anything thicker would be visible in such a delicate area. She inserts her needle and – I feel nothing. No sensation at all.

A thicker, firmer gel is called for along my marionette lines, to lift the skin, pad out the crease and raise the upper lip area. I am excited to see the results, but Petra warns me it will take a few days to see any effect from the Botox and for the filler to settle into place properly.

Three weeks later I head back for my follow-up appointment, feeling pretty chuffed. When it’s your face, and you have asked for ‘stealth’ Botox, results are naturally hard to see, although my husband told me I looked fantastic – but then he’s supposed to do that anyway. It wasn’t till I saw the ‘before’ photos Petra had taken I realised just how much of a difference her work had made. My eyes are unmistakeably brighter, my mouth significantly less droopy and when I smile, laugh or grimace my neck doesn’t pop strings of muscle as it did previously.

After a quick assessment, Petra adds a little more Botox here and there (and a tad between my eyebrows) to ‘even’ it up. She explains that every face works differently, some muscles are worked harder than others and might need a little extra ‘relaxing’ to achieve an even, natural look.

I am seriously happy with what she’s done. I think I wouldn’t have had any treatment at all however if I had felt remotely not listened to. Petra took all the time I needed to reassure me, explain (ad infinitum) what she would do, where and why, and what I could expect to feel during and after the treatment. She made me feel safe, she made me feel totally comfortable and fine being a wimp and a worrier, and then she made me feel great.