Six dog-friendly walks around Cornwall have been ranked among the top 10 best in the UK for the autumn period.

Research from Fabulous Vegas created a ‘dog-friendly walk hotspot’ index, scoring 66 individual locations mapped around the UK.

The walks were ranked based on the length of the walk, the terrain and elevation and the time it would take to walk the entirety of it.

These three factors were given a weighting out of 100 and each dog-friendly path was ranked based on these factors, according to their difficulty level. 

This was then converted into a final score, in which the higher the number, the ‘easier’ the path is to complete.

Great British Life: Cornwall was seen as having a few options for short leisurely strolls with a dogCornwall was seen as having a few options for short leisurely strolls with a dog (Image: Getty Images)

The UK's top 10 dog-friendly autumn walks

The top 10 dog-friendly autumn walks according to the research from Fabulous Vegas were:

1. Botallack village to the Count House walk (Cornwall) - 86.42

2. Gwithian bus stop to Godrevy walk (Cornwall) - 86.28

3. Black Rock limekiln walk (Somerset) - 83.44

3= Boscastle Harbour walk (Cornwall) - 83.44

3= Botallack mining walk (Cornwall) - 83.44

3= Cubert Common walk (Cornwall) - 83.44

3= Dunwich Heath grey trail (Suffolk) - 83.44

3= Herefordshire Views red trail at Brockhampton (Herefordshire) - 83.44

3= Holywell beach walk (Cornwall) - 83.44

3= Lacocok pleasure garden walk (Wiltshire) - 83.44

For those looking for a quick leisurely stroll with their dog this autumn Cornwall has a few options, such as with the Botallack village to Count House walk.

This scenic trail takes visitors on a 0.8km route that showcases the area's natural beauty and only takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Meanwhile, the Gwithian bus stop to Godrevy walk would take a person and their furry friend around only 15 minutes to complete, so it's another ideal one if you live nearby.

The remaining four walks in Cornwall in the top 10 all share the same score and take on average around 30 minutes to complete with routes of around 1.6km.