Old Harry Rocks has been named among the most picturesque remote locations in the UK, according to a new poll.

A survey of 2,000 people from Sky Mobile discussed staycations and cited a number of reasons why they were staying in the UK instead of going abroad.

This included an abundance of lovely locations in the UK (50 per cent of respondents said this), the cost-of-living crisis (31 per cent), and the desire to avoid the stresses of travelling (29 per cent).

Additionally, people's wishlists for a perfect staycation included beautiful landscapes (51 per cent), picturesque locations (48 per cent) and peace and quiet (45 per cent).

Therefore, getting a picture of a beautiful spot to show off on social media was seen as a nice little bonus with four in 10 (39 per cent) saying they would visit a remote destination for Instagram-worthy photos.

Great British Life: Old Harry Rocks was ranked as a great remote spot for Instagram picturesOld Harry Rocks was ranked as a great remote spot for Instagram pictures (Image: Mark Burbidge)

Old Harry Rocks off the coast of the Isle of Purbeck was considered one of the best remote spots in the UK for this purpose.

Top 10 most picturesque remote locations in the UK

Respondents to the survey were asked what the best remote picturesque locations in the UK were, and were asked to choose from a longlist which have Sky Mobile coverage.

The top 10 from this were as follows:

1. St Michael's Mount, Cornwall (20% of respondents picked this) 

2. Isle of Skye, Scotland (19%) 

3. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland (14%) 

4. Fort William, Scotland (11%)

5. Orkney, Scotland (11%) 

6. Loch Awe, Scotland (7%)

7. Wye Valley, Herefordshire (6%) 

7= Old Harry Rocks, Dorset (6%)

7= Fair Isle, Shetlands (6%) 

10. Llyn Peninsula, Wales (6%)

Paul Sweeney, managing director, Sky Mobile said: “It is important to be able to keep in touch when you’re exploring the picturesque locations we are lucky to have in the UK.

"With Sky Mobile providing 99 per cent coverage you can ensure you can stay in contact as well as share the beautiful sights."